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Ryo's Place - Complete Shenmue Coverage

Archived News

2/21/01 - First RARE Pictures, now a rare... Ryo's Place and Shenmue Web have been sharing some ideas and what not lately. A couple days ago, we started a RARE Shenmue II picture section, and now they have their own. Today, Shenmue Web has added a RARE Shenmue commercial, with some footage of Shenmue II. So we have permission to do the same. It is a small Japanese Shenmue I commercial that few have seen, and it can be downloaded Here.

2/20/01 - New Shenmue II pictures of Joy, and an interview with the voices of Shenmue - The official Shenmue II page was updated a little ealier than expected. Some pictures of Joy were added, but all of them were the same as shown before, except for four. Yep, we've got those new four Right Here with all of the other Shenmue II pictures. They show Joy on her Honda Black Bird, along with showimg off some of the enviroments in Hong Kong. The official AM2 page had an interview with some of the people who do the voices of the characters in Shenmue. They get off track a lot, and never really talk about the game. You can view it Here, but you will have to translate it. Oh Yeah, If you want more info on Joy, Click Here.

2/19/01 - Our second Shenmue II Wallpaper Sorry Shenmue fans, there just hasn't been that much Shenmue news lately. But don't worry, we will still be 'Your Complete Shenmue Coverage', and find something to update daily! We do know that the official Shenmue II page will be updated on the 20th. So thats something to look forward to. Today I put together a very nice Shenmue II wallpaper. It took me quite a while to make, so go check her out!

2/17/01 - Anouther RARE Shenmue II Picture! I know how much you guys enjoyed those pictures from yeaterday. (I only got about 20 e-mails!) So, I have saved the best picture for last! It depicks Ryo fighting in a market place, but not the noraml one you see everwhere else. In our exclusive screen shot, there is geese on the ground that actually fly away when Ryo walks by them, kind of like the birds at the harbor. But, you can see their feathers pluck out of them when they fly. It's amazing! So you can check out that screen and the other 12 Here>>>.

2/16/01 - The rarest Shenmue II pictures around... and we've got 'em! When Sega first was developing Shenmue, they first planned to have all 16 chapters come out at once. And I think they might of started to develop a virtual Hong Kong before Japan, because there was so many Hong Kong pictures over a year ago. Now, only a couple are making their way around the net, but were gonna change that. We have 12 shots, and I guarentee you haven't seen them all! Sega has not confirmed or denied any of these gorgeous pictures as being legit, but I believe they are genuine. They can all be located in our new RARE Shenmue II Picture Archive. If your a Shenmue fan, you really can't miss this!

2/14/01 - Official Shenmue II page updated! This week they have updated the Shenmue II page with some much larger pictures of Shuei, one of the new Characters. Of course we updated our Shenmue II Picture Archive with four of the new pictures. It looks like she is in a temple, but some look like she is wearing a ninja outfit? Who knows, just check 'em out!

2/13/01 - I completely revised our Shenmue II Preview. Everything that I know anbout the sequel (which is a lot!), I have added to it. If you visit Ryo's Place often, (Why wouldn't you? hehe) you might of read some of this before, but it is a nice sumerization of everything that made Shenmue II the most anticipated game of 2001!

2/11/01 - More control over Ryo in the sequel. In the official Japanese Dreamcast Magazine they reported that you will have four choices over what Ryo should say. So If your having a conversation with someone you can actually chose the question you want to ask. Also, Shenmue II will contain a "money" icon. This icon will tell Ryo where he can get a job or money. We don't know where he gets employed, but it sounds like he will have multiple jobs!

2/10/01 - Shenmue II details! Pass the time feature and more. Click here for the full story.

2/8/01 - No new Shenmue II news today, but I have added five new Shenmue II screen shots. Three are from the official page, and the other two are new to me, and are nice and clear. They are worth checking out. Also, I have added anouther Shenmue Chapter 1 Cheat. Sorry but we will probably have to wait until the 13th when Sega updates the official Shenmue II page for new Shenmue II information.

2/6/01 - Sega has updated their Shenmue 2 page. They have added a complete biography of Ren. I translated it, but there is nothing new. Next week they will do the same with anouther new Character. Along with the biography are some nice screen shots, now found at the Shenmue II picture archive.

2/5/01 - Sega has confirmed that the first US Dreamcast demo will contain a video of Shenmue II. It will also have: Spiderman (Playable), Championship Snooker (Playable), Unreal Tournament (Playable), Daytona USA 2001 (Playable), Bomberman Online (Playable), and a Interview with Sonic Team's Yuji Naka. Also Sega has anounced that Shenmue II will sell for a low price of $39 on four discs! All you DC fans should go check out our new affiliate, Total Dreamcast, for all your Dreamcast needs!

2/03/01 - If you don't know yet, we are now being hosted by Gamers Uplink. Well, now that we are set up, I have added anouther description of a new enviroment in Shenmue II. Check out the Preview section for the new description of Guilin, the newest place in the sequel. Also, check out our new Shenmue/Sega/Other Forums, and start posting today!

2/01/01 - Sega has released the new official Shenmue II website. It is located at http://www.shenmue.com/shenmue2, too bad it doesn't offer any more information than our Preview section does. Anouther description and picture of anouther new Shenmue II Character was added.

1/31/01 - At meeting Today, SOA has announced their plans for the future, and told us that Shenmue II will be released in the US in November of 2001! Does that mean it comes out before the Japenese Version? Well, checkout our new countdown at the bottom of the page. I don't know, but that doesn't bother me! Also, I have made a new Fan Art section. There are only two in there, so send in yours today!

1/30/01 - Oh my! Sega keeps dishing out the Shenmue II information. Today the Japanese DC magazine released some news about the locations you saw in the latest Shenmue 2 trailer! Check out the Preview section for the new locations, and a description.

1/28/01 - I have added seven new Shenmue II pictures, from the latest trailer, to the Archive, and Kun Fan Mei has gotten herself a picture in the Character section. Also, Someone told me today that the true meaning of the word Shenmue will be know when Shenmue III comes out. Get the whole story in the FAQ page. Oh yeah, check out those poll results. Over 80% of you don't want to see Shenmue on other consoles!

1/27/01 - The FAQs was updated with the first Shenmue II question. Also, the two new Shenmue II characters profiles were updated, and one picture was added. Finially, (as if this little updates don't stop!) we have a new affiliate. Everyone welcome DC UK to our group of nine affiliates! Oh yeah, if you for some reason didn't download yesterdays new Shenmue II movie you best make your way over there today! You won't regret the download time.

1/26/01 - After the disappointingly small Shenmue II demo last week, Sega sure has made up with it by releasing a much bigger, and better demo. Check out the Movies Section to download it. Along with the demo, we have information on two new female Shenmue II Characters. No pictures, but there is a little info on them. Also, A new Shenmue site has been added to our Links Section.

1/23/01 - I have for you today a Shenmue pop Quiz. Yes, take everything off your desk, and click here. These questions took me a while to come up with, so they are pretty hard. You must be a real Shenmue-fanatic if you can answer every one correctly. The quiz will now be added to the Interactive section.

1/22/01 - There isn't much today, but we had lots of updates in the past two days, you can check out below. First, I brought back our Shenmue Calander pictures from our old server. It still gets me mad that Sega won't release it anywhere but Japan! And, I've added anouther picture of Joy in the new Shenmue II picture archive. The preview has been updated once again with a minor change in the Shenmue II plan.

1/21/01 - The Shenmue movie was shown to a select 200 today in Japan. Along with the movie, more information on Shenmue II was released. Check out the movie section, and the new Shenmue II picture archive for some new pictures, and new information! Also in the movie section, we have the Shenmue II demo, for you to download. I have added the first profile of a Shenmue II character. Finially, we got a new affiliate, SegaEye, and the links page was updated with some more great Shenmue sites!

1/20/01 - On our 2 month anniversary we have lots of little updates. The Secrets Guide, Shenmue History, and the F.A.Q. pages have been updated with little, but interesting facts. Make sure to vote in the new poll. The poll that deals with Sega keeping Japenese voices in the US version.

1/19/01 - Now that the first Shenmue 2 demo was released, there has been many questions about a release date. Shenmue 2 is projected to be released in fall of 2001 in Japan, and come out in early 2003 in America. Aww 2 more years! Maybee not! There is word that the US sequel will have Japenese voices, but complete english text below. If this is added instead, the game will come out one year earlier. After that, Sega is guessing that the full series will last anouther ten years!

1/18/01 - Ryo's Place is back in buisness, and could we come back in a beter way than pumping you full with Shenmue 2 pictures and info? If you check out the preview section, you will find Shenmue 2 pictures, and a little explaination of what the demo contained! From now on we will be updating on a normal basis, and giving you all of the latest Shenmue 2 information that comes avaliable!

1/16/01 - I have all of the files up, except the main page. The design of the main page is a little different, and will probably be changing all day. Right now, I can say that the page will be fully operational by the 18th. All links will be up, and we will start off with many new Shenmue 2 pictures! There is also a new poll, because the old one was lost. There still might be some dead links, so please tell me about them in the problem forums.

1/15/01 - Something went wrong with our old server. Every page that was supposed to get updated got deleted, including the main page. But don't worry we now have a reliable server, and are being hosted by Outpost Sega. Our big secret project will have to go on hold for a while, but we will be up and running soon.

  • 1/5 - 1/14 - All the news in this time period was deleted accidentally. Sorry for any inconvience.

  • 1/4/01 - Now that Shenmue was a hit in Japan and the US Sega decided to celebrate. How? Well they have limited edition Shenmue Calenders, with some nice pictures for each month. Here are some pictures. Image 1 Image 2 Too bad it's only available in Japan.

    Also, igndc.com has AWESOME picture of a postcard that Yu Suzuki sent to Famiutsu, a Japanese game magazine. The picture shows a mysyterious women next to Ryo. Could she be Shen Hua or even someone new?

  • 1/3/01 - Sorry but there will be no updates today due to a personal matter, but you can check out our new affiliate The Super Sonic Zone (TSSZ).

  • 1/2/01 - With the addition of a staff member, a Staff page is up. Also a new FAQ was added. Hopefully it will solve most of your questions you have sent me.

  • 1/1/01 - A new Character description was added, along with pictures for every character on the list. Also, to help expand Ryo's Place Mike, anouther Shenmue fanatic, will help out around here. He is currently working on a large feature.

  • 12/31/00 - Anouther Guide was added. Visit the new Secrets Guide for things you may of missed, or never realized they were there. Oh yeah, have a happy new year!

  • 12/30/00 - A new Interactive sective was added. You can visit the forums, add your url, submit stuff, or bookmark Ryo's Place. We also got a new affiliate. Check out Hardcore Gamers for all your gaming needs!

  • 12/27/00 - Check out this little Shenmue Comic I found today. It's pretty funny. Also I will be on a little vacation on 12/28-12/29, so there will not be any updates.

  • 12/26/00 - Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and got your copy of Shenmue, if you didn't already have it. Ryo's Place is back, with a new guide of Shopping in Shenmue. It explains how to, where to, and what to buy in the game.

  • 12/23/00 - Four new Characters were added to the list. I'm going to try to add all the main character in the game. If I don't get to updated tommorrow, have a happy holiday season.

  • 12/22/00 - Witness Shenmue 2, in January. Sega and AM2 were planning a special AM2 video disk for inclusion with Fighting Vipers 2 when the arcade port game goes on sale in Japan on January 18th. AM2 has been very quiet about details, and what could be on the disk. However, due to a few comments made in an interview, the impression is given that one of the games will be Shenmue 2. It is now Shenmue 2, not tententatively. Tons of new movies and screens will be up onn January 18.

  • 12/20/00 - Ryo's Place has a new affiliate. Visit Pure Gamers for not only Dreamcast information, but also N64, PSX, PS2, and Game Boy. Don't forget about our other great affiliates: Outpost Sega and Dreamcast Source.

  • 12/19/00 - This is the week of Shenmue pictures, I guess. Anouther two wallpapers, and anouther new Shenmue 2 pictures was added.

  • 12/18/00 - Not much today in the world of Shenmue. I added a Wallpaper Section with five desktop images. More will come soon!

    12/17/00 - To keep Ryo's Place your "Complete Shenmue Coverage" I've added two new Character descriptions, and added five new Songs to the music section. Also, don't forget to vote in the new poll, and check out the new Forums!

  • 12/16/00 - Ryo's Place has forums! Its actually part of Outpost Segas forums, but thats cool because Outpost Sega has the best Sega Forums around! If you are not a member, Click here to join up now! A link to the forums is below the latest news.

  • 12/16/00 - There is still no word on the Japenese artical on Shenmue 2. But, while your waiting, I found some new pictures around the internet. These pictures could be promotional or screens to to sequel!

  • 12/14/00 - I think Yu Suzuki deserves more credit then he gets from most gamers. If it wasn't for him, we might be a lot further back in gaming technology. Click here for a biography of the Life of Yu, and give him the credit he deserves!

  • 12/13/00 - Shenmue is full of questions, now you can get answers. Click here for a list of FAQ with answers. Also, if you have a question, feel free to ask me

  • 12/12/00 - Have a videogame webpage? Then how about becoming one of the first to join Ryo's Top 25. Sign up now!(It is finially up for use)

    Also, AM2 annouced that the Shenmue Movie will take Dreamcast graphics, and put them into the new movie

  • 12/11/00 - Ryo's Place is now ryosplace.com! You can still visit us by ryoshenmue.cjb.net. The only downside is the banner at the bottom of the page. You can delete this by clicking on the ryosplace.com picture at the top of the page.

  • 12/10/00 - Some new music has been added, this time the files work right. I'm sorry if it would not let you download the old songs.

  • 12/9/00 - Ryo's Place has really grown over the past 2 weeks, and now we have a anouther new affiliate. Dreamcast Source.co.uk is truely your source for everything Dreamcast. Check it out.

  • 12/8/00 - And let there be movie. Yes, a Shenmue Movie. Check out the new Shenmue Movie page for complete details.

  • 12/7/00 - Shenmue Music has won the poll, and has been added. Go vist the music section.

  • 12/6/00 - I'm having trouble deciding what to add next to Ryo's Place? Should I add a hints page, a walkthrough , links, FAQ, or Music section? I've decided to ask my visitors. So vote for on of the above in the poll at the bottom of the page.

  • 12/5/00 - Some more Shenmue Chapter 2 news! Well not yet, but I will have some in a week! Sources say that the next issue of The official Japanese Dreamcast magizine will have features on Shenmue 2! These are the times I want to be able to read Japenese. Expect a full revised preview of Shenmue 2.

  • 12/4/00 - Almost a month after Shenmue is released, Sega is still pushing it strong! Sega has made two Shenmue commercials, both you can find on ESPN, MTV, USA, and some other cable networks. Also this week in TV Guide you can find an add for Shenmue. This little add alone will hopefully bring in thousands of sales! Way to go Sega!

  • 12/3/00 - I was messing around with the page design again, and made some nice changes in the layout. Hope you like it!

  • 11/28/00 - Have you found yourself stuck in Shenmue? Or you just can't win the raffle at the Tomato mart? There is an easier way to do it! The Shenmue Cheats section will show you all the game secrets and gameshark codes.

  • 11/26/00 - Lots of updates in one day. First the Shenmue characters section has been updated with pictures, and info on the main characters. Also I was searching the net today, and founds bits and pieces of the history of Shenmue. Then I added them together to form History of Shenmue page. It contains everything Shenmue related that happened between 1994-2000.

  • 11/25/00 - Ryo's Place welcomes its first affiliate Outpost Sega Check out Outpost Segas news and their great fourms!

  • 11/20/00 - Shenmue tops the US sales charts! Shenmue is on top above the thought to be unstoppable Pokemon games. There are two other Dreamcast games on the chart this week also. Well check it out.
    1) Shenmue, Sega, Dreamcast
    2) Pokemon Silver, Nintendo, Game Boy Color
    3) Pokemon Gold, Nintendo, Game Boy Color
    4) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Nintendo, Nintendo 64
    5) NBA 2K1, Sega, Dreamcast
    6) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Activision, Dreamcast
    7) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Activision, PSOne
    8) The World Is Not Enough, Electronic Arts, Nintendo 64
    9) Madden NFL 2001, Electronic Arts, PlayStation2
    10) Madden NFL 2001, Electronic Arts, PSOne

  • 11/15/00 - Ryo's Place is up and running. Shenmue History, cheats, and reviews will be up sometime in the next couple days.

  • 11/7/00 - The US version of Shenmue is finially released. Run out of your houses and go buy it, that is if the stores still have any copies left!

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