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  • New Design Just to let all ya all know that I am currently working on a new design for Ryo's Place. I think this design one is getting a little old, and I know some browsers make the page come up wierd. So, for the next 2-3 days there will only be updates if some BIG Shenmue news comes up, and I might not get to the forums as much. Well, It's about 40% done, and looking great. Can't wait to show you guys!
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    Shenmue News / Site Updates

    2/27/01 - New Batch of Shenmue II Pictures This time Sega has released some pictures of Kaoru(Kun Fan Mei), but unlike last time one of them is not an actual game screen. Instead it is a nice promotial shot of Kaoru and Ryo. With the pictures is a short description that says She works and goes to temple of taoism, and she is a cheerful person. Well, go check 'em out Here!

    2/26/01 - Shenmue II pictures at an unexpected place I was looking around at the English version of Shenmue.com, and noticed that they have a lot of pictures from the sequel. You would think that they would try and hide these to the public, but there is just as many Shenmue II pictures as there is Shenmue I. The picture on the right shows the rooms of Shenmue, but more than half are new to me. One of them looks like a hospital. Check out the official page, and try and spot out the Shenmue II pictures.

    2/25/01 - So, you think you know your Shenmue? If you think you are a true Shenmue-fanatic, why don't you prove it? Back it up, but how? How about by taking our hard Shenmue Quizes. We have has this first Quiz done for quite a while, but now a fan has submitted a second Quiz for all you Shenmue fans reading this! Take 'em both, then post your scores (Inless your too embarrassed haha) in the Forums.

    2/24/01 - The new "$" icon is revealed Well Sega won't do it, so we will show you an extremely RARE Shenmue II picture that shows Ryo asking around for a new job. Like we said before, Ryo will have the choice to have multiple jobs in the sequel, and there will be an "$" icon to tell him where he can find a job. Well, I stumbled apon a picture that shows this icon in the bottom left hand corner. It looks like a construction job. Well, you can find this exclusive picture and anouther new RARE Shenmue II Picture Here.

    2/23/01 - What a day for us Shenmue fans! Ha! Now that I got your attention, I can break your lil hopes! Yeah I know that was mean, but it's anouther day of Shenmue nothingness. :( But we do have a surprise for ya! About month ago we told you of a big project, well it was...Drum roll please.... A new AM2 Section. I started it, and got a lot of info up, but decided to keep Ryo's Place only Shenmue. If you guys think otherwise please tell me about it in the Forums.

    2/22/01 - About Your Complete Shenmue Coverage - Over a year ago was the first time I saw screens of Shenmue, and ever since then I had my eyes on this game. So when November of 2000 came around, I knew I would dedicate a webpage to the mother of all games! On November 14, 2000 the doors officially opened, and Ryo's Place was up for buisness. Ever since day 1 we stood above the other Shenmue sites by our first class info, and daily updates. And to this day, we have more content, pictures, and hits than any other Shenmue site on the net! Those numbers grow by the day with your support. The reason for this little background is because our popularity has really grown over the past weeks, and a lot of you reading this never knew about our early days. Most of our you come from our affiliates, and Gamers Uplink, who proudly hosts us! So I'd like to thank them, and all of you for making this possible! Four months and going strong! Thankx!

    2/21/01 - First RARE Pictures, now a rare... Ryo's Place and Shenmue Web have been sharing some ideas and what not lately. A couple days ago, we started a RARE Shenmue II picture section, and now they have their own. Today, Shenmue Web has added a RARE Shenmue commercial, with some footage of Shenmue II. So we have permission to do the same. It is a small Japanese Shenmue I commercial that few have seen, and it can be downloaded Here.

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