Lithtech Overview: Part 3


The Pre-Producer, as we mentioned above, is pretty much "principle photograpy" for the Machinima producer. While using the Producer, you will "direct" the action for each of your scenes using a keyframe system- essentially a series of timelines for each object in the scene, on which events, like moving to a specific point, playing an animation, or initialising a special effect, can be triggered, cut, pasted and so on.

Each scene is played out in a single "set"- a world created using DEdit, Lithtech's level-building tool- and can be built up out of other Lithtech elements like skeletally-animated models, doors and other objects in the world, or sounds, which can be tied to individual entites. Using Lithtech's new ClientFX system (originally used in Monolith's Sanity), it will also be possible to add complex special effects, from explosions or smoke trails to entire effects sequences like those seen in the Final Fantasy series.

Individual properties of each object are controlled, well, individually, allowing cameras and entities to rotate freely from their direction of movement and switch skins or even the file they're using in mid-move. In addition, animations will be controlled using Lithtech's skeletal weighting system, which Aaron Rose mentioned last week, allowing the film-maker using LFP to combine animations smoothly together, allowing his characters to have different moods, lip-synch smoothly in the middle of other animations and many other applications.

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