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NBC 5 Pictures of the Week      Week of January 3, 2000

David Orr at the Martinez-Solis nuptials


On Monday, Cook County Clerk David Orr presided over the marriage of Blanca Martinez and Salvador Solis, the first couple to get married in Cook County in the year 2000.  The happy couple received several gifts as the first.



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Robert Sengstacke


Robert Sengstacke, a stockholder in The Chicago Defender, said the newspaper his father helped create will no longer belong to his family, and will hit the auction block for sale..

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A scene from ER being shot in Chicago
A scene from ER is shot.


The city said made-in-Chicago feature films, television shows, & commercials generated $124 million last year, the highest revenue-generating year since feature production began here.


State Sen. Barack Obama and Fr. Michael Pfleger led a protest against the payday loan industry Thursday.


This week, a cat anesthetic was stolen from a Lake Zurich Animal Hospital.

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