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Live Race Report
Lap 58 Raikkonen was 7th followed by Burti, Verstappen, Alesi, Irvine, Alonso and Fisichella.
Lap 58 H-H Frentzen is 6th.
Lap 58 N Heidfeld is fifth.
Lap 58 O Panis is fourth.
Lap 58 R Barrichello is third.
Lap 58 D Coulthard is second.
Lap 58 M Schumacher wins the Australian Grand Prix.
Lap 58 DC is now visibly close to M Schumacher.
Lap 58 Last lap - former World Champion, Alan Jones, is preparing to wave the chequered flag.
Lap 57 Retirements: Button, Monotya, Trulli, Hakkinen, R Schumacher, Villeneuve, Marques, Bernoldi and Mazzacane.
Lap 55 Yellow flags. A Benetton is parked at the side of the track. It's Button.
Lap 55 DC has reduced Schumi's lead to 5.6 secs.
Lap 55 Frentzen is still sitting on Heidfeld's rear wing. The younger German is making his car as wide as possible to hold the Jordan off.
Lap 54 Hakkinen has just emerged from an official car off the circuit. He is surrounded by press and looking a little shaky and unsteady on his feet.
Lap 54 Heidfeld laps Irvine easily, and Frentzen follows the Sauber driver past the Ulsterman.
Lap 54 Heidfeld approaches Irvine to lap him.
Lap 53 Fisichella pits for a splash and dash.
Lap 53 6 laps left.
Lap 52 Frentzen is now sitting on Heidfeld's gearbox.
Lap 52 Benetton mechanics are also out in the pit lane.
Lap 52 Irvine pits again for more fuel.
Lap 51 DC reduces Schumacher's lead again.
Lap 51 Frentzen is still chasing Heidfeld down, he is reducing the gap between them bit by bit.
Lap 50 Verstappen passes Alesi for 10th place.
Lap 50 DC tok 0.7 secs out of Schumi's lead in the last lap.
Lap 49 Raikkonen increases his lead over Irvine to 30 secs. DC is 10.1 secs behind Schumi. Barrichello is 9.8 secs off DC.
Lap 47 Frentzen is closing on Heidfeld.
Lap 46 Irvine has now passed his team mate Burti for 8th place. Raikkonen is still holding on to 7th place, 26.7 secs ahead of Irvine.
Lap 45 DC picked up a second and a half on the last lap.
Lap 44 15 laps left.
Lap 44 M Schumacher is 9.9 secs ahead of DC, who is 10 secs ahead of Barrichello.
Lap 44 Alonso has made his second stop.
Lap 43 Top 6 = M Schumacher, DC, Barrichello, Panis, Heidfeld and Frentzen. Raikkonen is 7th.
Lap 42 Yellow flags still.
Lap 42 Montoya has stopped and is actually on the track - he has not been able to pull off. There was a lot of smoke as he stopped - very probably an engine problem. Yellow flags.
Lap 42 DC exits the pits and rejoins in 2nd.
Lap 41 Montoya's car is smoking.
Lap 41 DC pits.
Lap 41 Panis pits and rejoins in 5th.
Lap 41 Mechanics are ready for DC.
Lap 41 Trulli retires by driving into garage.
Lap 41 DC has set personal best time of 1.28.838.
Lap 41 BAR is getting ready for Panis.
Lap 41 Irvine pits.
Lap 40 McLaren thinks a brake or suspension failure could be cause of Hakkinen's accident. Apparently he has some marks on his helmet and is very slightly concussed.
Lap 40 Barrichello pits.
Lap 39 Ferrari mechanics are back out in the pit lane for Barrichello.
Lap 38 Top 6 = DC, Barrichello, M Schumacher, Panis, Montoya, Heidfeld.
Lap 38 Dc now leads the Australian GP.
Lap 37 M Schumacher pits and blasts away.
Lap 37 Ferrari mechanics are out.
Lap 37 DC is 15.6 secs behind M Schumacher.
Lap 36 Alesi pits.
Lap 36 Fisichella has a brief off.
Lap 36 Button is now at the back of the field after pitting for the second time.
Lap 35 Top 6 = M Schumacher, DC, Barrichello, Panis, Heidfeld and Montoya.
Lap 35 Trulli has pitted and rejoined the race.
Lap 35 DC is pulling away from Barrichello.
Lap 34 Montoya is now in the points in his first race of the season.
Lap 34 They fight each other for the place and briefly look to touch but the Scot wins out.
Lap 34 DC passes Barrichello for 2nd.
Lap 33 Jordan mechanics are out in the pit lane.
Lap 33 Alonso is in the pits.
Lap 33 Trulli is going backwards - he must have a problem. Montoya passes him.
Lap 33 Heidfeld passes Trulli.
Lap 33 Panis passes Trulli for fourth.
Lap 32 DC sets the fastest first sector time.
Lap 31 Top ten - M Schumacher, Barrichello, DC, Truli, Panis , Heidfeld, Montoya, Raikkonen, Frentzen, Burti.
Lap 30 Barrichello laps Fisichella who then momentarily blocks DC while he is catching the Brazilian.
Lap 30 DC is catching Barrichello.
Lap 29 Schumacher has been making hand signals and he is slowing in terms of lap times.
Lap 29 Yellow flags are still out as marshals struggle to remove Hakkinen's car.
Lap 29 Fisichella's engine does not sound in tip top condition.
Lap 28 M Schumacher is about to lap Fisichella.
Lap 28 Top 6 = M Schumacher, Barrichello, DC, Trulli, Panis, Heidfeld.
Lap 27 Fisichella pits.
Lap 27 The Finn is off at the Ascari corner, he lost the back end and spun off backwards into the tyre wall. It looks possible that car failure caused the accident.
Lap 26 Yellow flags.
Lap 26 Frentzen has now overtaken Raikkonen and Fisichella for 9th place.
Lap 25 Marques retired because of a technical problem with his car.
Lap 25 No positions have changed.
Lap 25 M Schumacher improves his time to 1.29.294.
Lap 24 M Schumacher sets the fastest first two sector times.
Lap 23 Trulli has dropped 5.5 secs behind DC, and he is 14.1 secs off Schumacher.
Lap 22 Schumacher improves again to 1.29.444. He is 2.4 secs ahead of Hakkinen.
Lap 21 M Schumacher sets the fastest lap of the race - 1.29.682. Barrichello was the pace setter last year in 1.31.481.
Lap 20 DC is 1.7 secs off Barrichello, who in turn is 1.9 secs off Hakkinen.
Lap 20 Minardi's only runner left, Fernando Alonso, is 15th out of 17.
Lap 20 Heidfeld is currently 7th and Montoya is 8th. Raikkonen is 10th with Fisichella 9th.
Lap 19 Hakkinen sets the fastest first sector time.
Lap 19 Schumi increases his lead to 1.3 secs.
Lap 19 Button takes his penalty and rejoins in last place.
Lap 19 Irvine moves up another place as Burti improves to 12th.
Lap 18 Irvine has moved up to 15th, leaving Verstappen to take last place.
Lap 18 M Schumacher sets the fastest lap of the race - 1.30.728.
Lap 17 Benetton mechanics in the pit lane readying themsleves for Button's stop/go.
Lap 17 Montoya passes Fisichella for 8th place.
Lap 17 Button has been awarded a 10 sec stop/go penalty.
Lap 17 Schumacher is 0.9 secs ahead of Hakkinen who in turn is one second in front of Barrichello.
Lap 16 Frentzen overtakes Raikkonen and Alesi for for 11th.
Lap 16 The cars are lapping in formation.
Lap 16 Trulli is closing on Coulthard.
Lap 16 Safety car peels in and the cars zoom away.
Lap 15 Hakkinen is pressuring Schumi as Barrichello pressures Hakkinen etc.
Lap 15 Safety car will go in at the end of this lap.
Lap 15 The safety car has been out for nearly 25 minutes.
Lap 14 Arrows mechanics descend on the pit lane so the car can make its stop just before the safety car goes in. Verstappen pits.
Lap 14 Frentzen has dropped back from fourth on the grid to 14th. Irvine is last of all.
Lap 14 The ambulance is still on track and so the cars are still circling the circuit behind the safety car.
Lap 13 46 laps left of the race.
Lap 13 The safety car pulls up beside the ambulance, which pulls over to the side of the track to let the field pass.
Lap 12 The ambulance leaves Turn 3 and makes it way around the race track to the exit point.
Lap 12 Although there is no official information about the incident it looks like a marshal could be injured as the marshals are all gathered around one point where the ambulance is.
Lap 12 Ferrari mechanics are in the pit lane.
Lap 11 The safety car is still out with the field bunched behind. An ambulance is still in attendance at Turn 3 where Villeneuve and Ralf crashed.
Lap 10 Both drivers are fine but there may be an injury to a marshal or a member of the crowd.
Lap 9 An ambulance is on the race track.
Lap 9 Retirements - Ralf, Villeneuve, Marques, Bernoldi, Mazzacane.
Lap 9 50 laps left.
Lap 8 Villeneuve has said that he was trying to overtake Ralf when he braked for a corner and Villeneuve subsequently misjudged his manoeuvre.
Lap 8 Button has been under investigation for checking out the spare car by taking it for an installation lap while his race car was parked on the grid.
Lap 7 Top 10 - M Schumacher, Hakkinen, Barrichello, DC, Trulli, Panis, Verstappen, Heidfeld, Fisichella, Montoya.
Lap 7 The back of the BAR is destroyed from where he made contact with the barier.
Lap 7 It looks likely that a problem caused Ralf to slow suddenly and Villeneuve could not avoid him. Once Villenuve hit the Williams he was launched into the air, his back swung round while still in the air and hit the barrier at the side of the track with his car's rear. He then bounched down the barrier into the gravel trap. Ralf lside into the gravel trap minus his rear win.
Lap 6 The field is now bunched up behind the safety car.
Lap 6 Villeneuve is out his car - he appears to be OK. So does Ralf.
Lap 5 We do not yet know if they are both OK.
Lap 5 Villeneuve's car hit the wall as it landed.
Lap 5 Safety car is out.
Lap 5 Safety on car standby - Ralf and Villeneuve are out. Villeneuve went into the back of him and took off. It is a huge crash. JV flew.
Lap 5 Sauber mechanics are in the pit lane.
Lap 4 The safety car has been stood down.
Lap 4 Jordan mechanics in the pit lane - it must be for Frentzen who is currently 16th.
Lap 4 Top 6 = M Schumacher, Hakkinen, Barrichello, DC, Trulli, Ralf.
Lap 3 Two yellow flag incidents on the circuit. Safety car is on standby.
Lap 3 Frentzen spins in front of Barrichello at Turn 9.
Lap 3 An Arrows is out - its Bernoldi.
Lap 2 Hakkinen is already 1.2 secs off Schumi.
Lap 2 DC overtakes Trulli and R Schumacher (who ran wide at Turn 1) for 5th.
Lap 2 Yellow flags.
Lap 1 Top 6 - M Schumacher, Hakkinen, Frentzen, R Schumacher, Barrichello, Trulli. DC is 7th.
Lap 1 Raikkonen passes Montoya.
Lap 1 Irvine is off and on the grass in Turn 1 - he is at the back of the field now.
Lap 1 Barrichello is punted back to 5th.
Lap 1 Awful start for Barrichello.
Lap 0 GO!
Lap 0 Lights go on.
Lap 0 Car 8 is under investigation - Jenson Button.
Lap 0 The drivers must hold position on this lap. The drivers can be seen weaving their cars from side to side to get heat into the tyres.
Lap 0 The cars move off the grid and the formation lap is under way.
Lap 0 Ralf Schumacher is the highest placed driver on Michelin tyres in fifth.
Lap 0 The safety car makes its way to the back of the grid. This will become obsolete in 2003 due to a speed limiting system the FIA plan to introduce.
Lap 0 The track temperature has risen to 28 degrees.
Lap 0 Expect to see a one-stop race strategy, unless tyres present a problem.
Lap 0 Michael Schumacher is on pole here today, but suffered from a problem with a brake duct in morning warm-up.
Lap 0 There is ten minutes left until the formation lap.
Lap 0 Tyres are going to be a big issue during this race. Durability and groove tread wear will affect the outcome of the race, as well as whether a rival manufacturer appeals the result. Michelin are expected to struggle with durability more than Bridgestone.
Lap 0 Eddie Irvine will be using the spare car in the race.
Lap 0 The pit exit closes in two minutes. Any cars not on the grid will have to start from the pit lane.
Lap 0 It is a grey day in Melbourne, with the clouds showing no signs of moving away. The air temperature is only 23 degrees Celsius. There was some rain during morning warmup.
Lap 0 The cars are lining up on the grid after finishing their installation laps.
Lap 0 Welcome to the Australian Grand Prix. The race begins in 25 minutes.

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