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Computer Science and Engineering
M.Sc. in Engineering

As for the potential use of computers, ”the sky is the limit”. To control manufacturing processes, discover infected blood cells, or translate newspapers to synthetic speech for the visually handicapped. And there are always new problems to be solved. This programme educates problem-solvers with computer science and engineering as tool and field of work.

To work with design of computers and programmes not only is computer know-how needed, but awareness of the interaction between human beings and machines combined with ergonomics and ethics is also essential. Computers and computer systems must be designed to suit people, and not the opposite.

The Computer Science and Engineering programme at Linköping Institute of Technology was established 20 years ago, in a cooperation between university and industry. One of its pioneering features was the combining of studies in hardware and software into an integrated entity. Considerable time is devoted to mathematics, an essential foundation for the applied computer courses. In the curriculum increasing emphasis is also placed on the way computers are used.

Moreover, the programme comprises several humanities and social science courses. During the last years of studies, students can also choose to study languages, economics, human-machine interaction and ethics.

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Profiles of Specialization

During the third and fourth year students select a profile of specialization. Besides mandatory courses, elective courses are also included in the studies. There is also the option to design one’s own specialization, selecting courses rather freely from this programme and possibly from other LiTH programmes as well. At present there are ten profiles of specialization:

Computer Science

Aimed at those interested in highly advanced programming. The profile provides a foundation of computer science theory and in-depth knowledge in software programming, or computer science, and mathematics.

Software Engineering

Examples of applications: computer tomography, robot vision, control and monitoring systems - fields where LiTH enjoys recognition.. Project leaders competent to develop software for industrial applications are much sought-after today. Skills emphasized here are project management, quality control, and legal and economic aspects of the software process.

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Computer Systems Architecture

Borders between hardware and software are becoming less and less distinct, placing demands on other areas of knowledge than the traditional. In this profile the student acquires knowledge of mechanisms behind computer systems, problem specification, programming languages and computer architecture.
Control- and Information Systems
”Intelligent” systems for control, regulation and monitoring are becoming increasingly important. This profile responds to this situation by combining systems engineering know-how with new programs and hardware.


The term electronics generally implies prototype development, design, production and maintenance of electronic systems. The electronics profile in Linköping combines electronic systems design with advanced computer use.

Computer Vision and Graphics
The volume of information is increasing rapidly, and at the same time, technology is becoming more sophisticated. In pace with developments in signal processing, educational needs are oriented toward image analysis and multidimensional signals.
This profile meets the needs for engineers with competence in computer engineering as well as telecommunication. Emphasis is on digital communication, computer networks and computer security.

Biomedical Engineering

gives professional orientation toward bioengineering in the health sciences. Besides subjects such as medical informatics and medical sensor technology, medical courses such as anatomy and physiology are also included in this profile.

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Media and Information Technology
Theory and practice in information technology are building blocks of this profile. The focus is on media, Internet technology, security and information exchange.

Secure Interactive Computer Systems

focuses on design principles and requirements for systems where ease of access and user friendliness must coexist with reliability and robustness against attacks. Among the treated subjects are databases, general computer security, cryptography and human-computer interaction.
Master's Degree Project

The concluding project, which takes about four months to carry out, takes place in close cooperation with industry, business, and administration. The project is reported in the form of a thesis.

Technology and Society

When computer systems are implemented, many people’s work situation is affected. Therefore the programme includes many courses dealing with technology’s effect on individuals and society.

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