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                Civil Wars (1639-60)
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                Wars of the Roses
                World War One
                World War Two
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 Civil Wars (1639-60) Add to My Start Page
  Cromwell, Oliver (1599-1658) Broad historical examination of this man who played a major role in the civil wars, and who assumed control of the New Model Army in 1649.

  Edgehill, Battle of 1642 This valuable online primary-source document, is a Royalist account of the first major battle of the English Civil war which took place in 1642.

  English Civil War Society, The History re-enactment group examining the war between traditional supporters of the King and supporters of Parliament who sought radical changes.

  English Civil War, The Historical overview of the civil war which is sometimes interpreted as having been a bourgeoise revolution perpetrated by progressive puritans.

  Fighting the Scots, 1639 Collection of several online documents relating to the defeat of English troops by Scottish troops in 1639.

  Marston Moor, Battle of (1644) Account written by Arthur Trevor to the Lieutenant-General regarding the defeat of Rupert's Royalist army in the biggest battle of the civil war.

  Marston Moor, Battle of 1644 Online reproduction of a letter written by Oliver Cromwell to the parents of a soldier who was killed during the biggest battle of the Civil War.

  New Model Army Brief intro to this army whose high morale and discipline was directly attributed to regular pay and a good rapport between the officers and men.


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