Dick Berggren

TNN Motorsports
Race Analyst

HOME: A Cottage on the beach in Ipswich, Mass.

BIRTHDAY: May 27, but I stopped counting after passing age 29...

HOBBIES: Auto racing. When not doing something with racing, I'm off riding my Harleys (red 94 Dyna Lo Rider, blue 96 Heritage Softail) along the coast. With a red Harley and a blue Harley in the garage, I'm looking to get a white one in order to be patriotic with red, white and blue bikes. Kyle Petty says you're not in trouble with motorcycles until you hit double digit ownership, and I believe him. Other hobbies: Lighthouses, especially at sunset when I have the time for photography. Trains, especially when I have the time to ride them. The ocean, especially when I have the time to walk the beach.

FAMILY: Married to Kathy for over 30 years, (although I've only been home for five of them). The family pet is an Airedale named Hurricane Joy, a zany bundle of laughs if ever there was one.

GROWING UP I WANTED TO BE: A race car driver. That's all there was to it, I was going to race. My family discouraged it every way they could which was why I raced stock cars, sprints and supermodifieds before finally quitting. If I had a sponsor and a crew today, I'd still be racing.

BEST PART OF MY JOB: Spending time with my heroes, being close to my sport. I fully realize the opportunity I have of being able to ask questions of the crew chiefs during the race, of pointing out the neat things the drivers do, and of describing them for a huge audience. I've got the best seat in the house (although I call the races standing whether I'm in the booth or on pit road, ) and I appreciate it.

WHAT DRIVES ME CRAZY: Planes that are delayed so I miss my connection. Hotels that at 2am don't have a room for me despite my confirmed reservation. Rental car lots that don't have a rental car for me despite my confirmed reservation.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT ON TV: It hasn't happened yet.

PERSONAL HEROES:TV's anchors. Unless you've been there, you can't imagine how difficult their job is or how good the current crop of them is. I've worked with many of them- Eli Gold, Ken Squier, Mike Joy, Bob Jenkins, and Ralph Shaheen, and I'll tell you they are superhuman intellectuals who are heroes to me. Can I name some more heroes? I'll add my grandfather, Bill France, Richard Petty, my mother, Darrell Waltrip, Ray Evernham, Bentley Warren, Fr Dale Grubba, and Humpy Wheeler.


Dick Berggren's name has become synonymous with superb racing coverage, and race fans can see him regularly as color expert for TNN Motorsports' live NASCAR coverage. His work has spanned three decades, and numerous forms of media. He even spent several years racing a sprint car, while teaching psychology at an all-women's Catholic college. In 1981, he became the original pit road reporter, working with the new ESPN network. Since then he has worked for CBS, TBS, TNN, and "anybody else who will by me a plane ticket to an auto race."

In addition to television, Berggren's racing knowledge flows onto the magazine pages. He is currently the editor for Stock Car Racing magazine, a job he has held for almost 20 years. In addition, in 1985 he co-founded Open Wheel magazine and has been its only editor.

Dick Berggren has always been an avid race fan. As a child, he never saw himself doing anything else. He understands the tremendous opportunities he has to view some of the greatest racing in the world. "I've got the best seat in the house, (although I call the races standing up whether I'm in the booth or on pit road) and I appreciate it."

In 1997, Dick will continue his analyst duties with TNN Motorsports.

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