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New Sound Samples
Tuesday, 27 March 2001. 4:46 PM | Posted by rojazz

As I said last week, our new sound engineers, Line Out and Gonou, have been working hard at pumping out new sound effects for Tactical Ops Beta 2. They've already completed a pack of sounds, which some of our maps are already taking advantage of (ambient sounds and such). I've packaged together about 5 samples of these sounds, in .wav format, which you can download here. And yes, when Beta 2 is released, every mapper will be able to use these sounds. Enjoy! moof!

Mod Magazine Map Pack
Sunday, 25 March 2001. 3:00 PM | Posted by rojazz

MutatedJellyfish over at Mod Magazine emailed me to let me know that they're working on a series of map packs, one of which will be for Tactical Ops! Here's the info he sent me:

Mod Magazine is compiling the best and most fun maps to be included in several map-packs. These map-packs will consist of 15 maps for some of today's top games, including Half-Life, Quake 3, and Unreal Tournament.

There will be 2 Unreal Tournament-related map-packs, one of which will be a Tactical Ops map-pack.

We will be accepting submissions only within the next few weeks. If you want to make a map from scratch, have it done in time. A note: There will be NO PRIZES for earning a spot in the map-pack. This is not a competition.
If you're interested, send an email out to MutatedJellyfish for entries, questions, or comments.

Tactical Ops Center Launched
Saturday, 24 March 2001. 2:37 PM | Posted by Macadoshis

A new Tactical Ops fan site is in town to challenge the almighty Quartermaster. TO-Center.com is run by Analprobe (TO Review Center) and Pyro (TO Nation), as well as a few other map reviewers and news posters. Their forums are hosted by us, which you can check out on the forums page. I've been following the development of this site closely and it's a stunner, so check out the Quartermaster challenger at www.to-center.com!

Getaway Map Pics
Wednesday, 21 March 2001. 6:23 PM | Posted by rojazz

Here's 4 new shots of a new map, SW-Getaway, by Matthijs. It takes place in a slummy urban environment, and it's really got a great feel. Also, we've recently released IR 1.82 to the team which included a bunch of new sounds, (ambient sounds, domestic sounds, etc...), and I'll post a few samples in the upcoming days, thanks to Line Out and Gonou. Anyways, click the image below to check out the shots:

TO Quartermaster Back
Saturday, 17 March 2001. 3:21 PM | Posted by rojazz

DNA from Tactical Ops Quartermaster let me know that he's brought back TOQM from a month's hiatus, and redid the entire map section. Also, he wants mappers who want their maps hosted and reviewed to email him links to their maps, at his email.

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