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LANceGS Ethernet Card Support Area

///SHH Systeme has selected A2Central.com to serve as a support site for the LANceGS ethernet card. You can get all the information and technical support you need right here!

The FAQ was last updated on March 14, 2001.

LANceGS Support Information

LANceGS Articles

  • LANceGS Announcement Press Release. This is the press release from ///SHH Systeme announcing the availability of the LANceGS card.
  • The LANceGS Card Announcement. This article from Y][KFest covers the announcement of the card, and includes specifications. Also available is a QuickTime movie of the KFest session at which the card was announced.
  • LANceGS Ethernet Card: First Look. This article was written the day I received my LANceGS card from ///SHH Systeme, and talks briefly about the installation and some software quirks to be ready for.

If you're curious how to install the card, we highly recommend reviewing the "Installing the LANceGS Card" article.

If you have other questions, email lancegs-info@a2central.com for help!

Updated 1:10 PM PDT, March 14, 2001.

Posted 7:10 PM PDT, August 10, 2000.


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