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Creative Secrets of the SEALs
Bob Rogers's team of SEALs are "ready for anything." Scott Kirsner

Drop and Code Me Twenty!
A letter from software bootcamp. Paul Roberts

Engines of Democracy
The General Electric plant in Durham, North Carolina builds some of the world's most powerful jet engines. But the plant's real power lies in the lessons that it teaches about the future of work and about workplace democracy. Charles Fishman

Have I Died and Gone to Meeting Heaven?
"Technology won't get rid of meetings. But it can make them more effective." Eric Matson

He Projects the Future
Jeffrey Wyatt works on the leading edge of the project world. Eric Matson

How Teamwork Took Flight
This team built a commercial engine -- and self-managing GE plant -- from scratch. Charles Fishman

How to Make a Decision Like a Tribe
Next time you're in a meeting, watch the rituals of business: the dueling egos, turf protection, talking-without-listening. Maybe it's time for a different kind of ritual. Something old. Peter Carlin

How to Manage Team Egos
As president and CEO of KPMG Consulting, Rand Blazer has managed some considerable egos in his day. Adopt his strategy for keeping egomaniacs in check, and transform arrogance into enthusiasm for your next team project. Regina Fazio Maruca

How to Prepare for Your Next Meeting
Four ways to make your minutes around the conference table more productive. Fast Company

How to Wow
Meet three project experts who can teach you the Art of Wow! Cheryl Dahle

Life in the Fast Lane
To finish first, you have to work fast. Ray Evernham - NASCAR's top crew chief and the man behind race-car champ Jeff Gordon - offers lessons from the pit on teamwork, surprise, and the pursuit of perfection. Chuck Salter

Lou Bainbridge Builds Teams
DPR Construction Inc.'s team builder shares how to be collaborative instead of compative. Eric Ransdell

Management Bites Dog Food Factory
It started as an experiment in workplace democracy and set performance records. So why did the bosses want to shut it down? Art Kleiner

NASA's Mr. Team
The man behind NASA's Academy of Program and Project Leadership. Cheryl Dahle

Nature Vs. Nurture 2.0
"It is now time to return to the idea that some people are simply born with potentialities for leadership," says Nigel Nicholson in his new book. Keith H. Hammonds

Operation - Leadership
General Peter Schoomaker sees a new world of crisis and conflict that requires "creative solutions in ambiguous circumstances." His assignment: the recruitment and training of a new kind of problem-solving, combat-ready "warrior diplomat." Eli Cohen and Noel Tichy

Opposites Attract
Sometimes the right person for the job is two people. So argues auto designer Jerry Hirshberg, whose world-renowned studio hires people in pairs to spark "creative abrasion." Katharine Mieszkowski

Power to the People
AES is big, rich - and unlike any company you've ever seen. It builds power plants by handing power to workers on the front lines. Its radical business model has worked wonders in the United States. Can it also work in Hungary, China, and Brazil? Alex Markels

Powered by the People
Inside Consolidated Diesel's factory, the equipment that's used to make engines looks completely ordinary. But the trust that's used to build teams produces extraordinary results. Curtis Sittenfeld

Rules for Radicals
Four rules for aspiring radicals from IBM's top change agents.. Eric Ransdell

Survival Kit for Project Managers
Tools and Ideas to be faster. Eric Matson

Team Doctors, Report to ER
Is your team headed for Intensive Care? Our specialists offer prescriptions for the five illnesses that can afflict even the best teams Mark Fischetti

The Proto Project
To learn how to innovate, learn how to prototype. Here's how Microsoft and Boeing make their projects go Wow! Michael Schrage

The Right Way to Make Mistakes
Making mistakes, learning from them faster than the competition does, and marshaling resources to stay in the game until you're in a position to win. Pat Dillon

The Seven Sins of Deadly Meetings
And seven steps to salvation. Tools, techniques, and technologies to make your meetings less painful, more productive -- even heavenly. Eric Matson

The Team Player
The Team Player Scott McMurray

The Whole Foods Recipe for Teamwork
What this 90-minute meeting lacks in drama, it more than makes up for as a primer on teamwork. Charles Fishman

The Wow Project
In the new economy, all work is project work. And you are your projects! Here's how to make them all go Wow! Tom Peters

Their 'Teamwork Agenda'
Four lessons on teamwork from SEI Investments. Scott Kirsner

Time for Face Time
Michael Schrage's favorite communication tool is the face-to-face meeting. John R. Quain

Total Teamwork - Imagination Ltd.
"Teamwork is a harder way of doing the work. But when it clicks, the result is a seamless experience." Charles Fishman

Total Teamwork - SEI Investments
Al West of SEI Investments lays out the advantages of a fast and agile organization that practices one-for-all, all-for-one collaboration. Scott Kirsner

Walk a Mile in My Shadow
Oregon-based furniture company bridges the communication gap between disparate departments that seldom interact or collaborate. Anni Layne

What Did Happen on the Salmon River?
"Sometimes you have to lose yourself 'fore you can find anything." -- Burt Reynolds, "Deliverance" Anni Layne

Work Together, Apart!
These days most work is team work -- and lots of it gets done at long distance. Here are 12 technology tools to help you overcome the perils of virtual partnering. John R. Quain

Xtreme Teams
In the new world of business, all work is teamwork -- but very few teams work all that well. How do groups of ordinary people achieve extraordinary results? Learn from these extreme teams. Your team may never work the same again. Cheryl Dahle


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