Star Wars vs. Titanic

Who Deserves The Glory?

This Webpage Just Got Updated!

Hell is Freezing Over!

I had a dream about Titanic last night. It was very romantic and heartwrenching. But I know the magical rule that dreams are only interesting to those who had the dream so I decided to do the next best thing, update my webpage. It was truly a calling. I'm sure all my loyal fans were aching for more!

When the moon is full and a black goat is sacrificed into a fiery pentagram, I shall return to rule and bring along with me famine, pestilence, war, fear, and eventually death! The page just never dies!

Charles Foster Kane says, "Boycott Titanic!"

Here swings the body of Leonardo DiCaprio. May the crows tear the flesh from his rotted corpse.

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The Anti-Titanic Webring

It seems the thing that pisses people off the most about my page is that I compare two completely diffrent movies. They say you can't do that. Obviously I CAN do that or the page would not exist. To add further injury to insult, I've decided to compare more things that are irrelevant to each other and to my entire page.

This Page Is Wretchedly Under Construction

people have succumbed to my power

1998 *Jennifer*

"Why are you still eating?"
"I'm still hungry."
-Citizen Kane

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Jennifer the Ringmaster.

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