IMPROMANGA: "Impro" is short for IMPROVISATION. "Manga" is the Japanese word for "comic". Impromanga is improvisational online comic books.

The Idea: One person creates characters and a storyline. From then on, it's up to you! Anyone can sign up to do a chapter. There is no script. The only rule is this: Please use discretion in your work. This is the Internet, and anyone (including children) could be reading your comic.


Submissions must be black and white

Each page must be under 150k

Image width must be 600 pixels or less

Submissions must be 16 pages or less

Images must be in GIF or JPG format

If you must violate one or more of these guidelines, please explain why in your submission. Images over 150k and/or wider than 600 pixels may be modified, or, in ridiculous extremes, disqualified. Submissions that have more pages than the limit may be cut off at the limit. All of these rules are at the discretion of the maintainers.

Signing up:

You can only work on one impromanga at a time, and can only be on 4 lists at a time. Remember, only sign up if you actually plan on doing a part! Skipped parts will not be looked upon kindly, and extensions will generally not be granted -- in order for us to update on a regular schedule, parts need to come in on time. Be sure to give yourself enough leeway to get your images scanned and do any post-processing on them that might be neccessary.

Lists will be opened when only two people remain in line for that certain impromanga.

Ready?  Sign up here!


Artwork submitted to the Impromanga site is considered "on loan" to Impromanga, and may be used online, without further modification, for as long as Impromanga wishes. Artwork may also be used for purposes of promotion and/or navigation within the Impromanga pageset. If we want to use your artwork anywhere else, we will ask for your permission first. Any artwork that you submit is still your property and you may use it as you wish; however, if you want us to remove artwork from an Impro (thus partially destroying the story and sequence) we may refuse. Nothing on this site is currently used for profit.

No single artist's work can be used elsewhere without specific consent, except (perhaps) for purposes of review. (They always say that.) If you ARE reviewing some or all of the Impromanga site, please inform Phil or Joe and they will help you as much as they can. Reprinting any Impromanga run (sequence of Impromanga pages by one or more artists) without the specific consent of each involved artist is not allowed.

Something not clear ? Any questions comments etcetera should be mailed to Phil or Joe