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Kentucky Colonels

Registry and Honorarium

The first international registry and the public's original web site for those who have received the honorable title or the commission of a Kentucky Colonel.

Reference, Education, Public Service, Etiquette, History is a website which, hosts the photographs, links to home pages, resumes, biographies and the curriculum vitae of the special class of distinguished southern gentlemen and women called Kentucky Colonels. This is not just a directory or a public service, the Colonels who wish to be listed here are from all walks of life and have chosen to voluntarily place their information here to make it more accessible to the public.  It is also a site where employers and potential employers of Colonels can confirm that those who are working with them are indeed genuine Kentucky Colonels.

Members of the public seeking more information about Colonels should refer to our faq (frequently asked questions page). Those who are Colonels and wish to be listed or would like to take advantage of the free services this website offers should click here to register.

The website serves anyone who has been commissioned by the Governor and Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky with the  honorable title of Colonel for his or her doing of good deeds, for noteworthy accomplishments or efforts of outstanding service to the community, state and nation. The services this web site provides to its registrants and users is free. 

The site also serves the the public as an educational, research and historical resource. To find a particular Colonel please try our roster, if he or she is not listed ask them to list themselves.

Our website provides a free vanity email forwarding service using the domain, a free web page, and a listing on a publicly accessible roster to those who have already received a commission as a Colonel by the Governor and are legally permitted to use the honorable title with their name. 

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