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Featured Artists...

Erica Senchall
Voice International's Stage Performer Extraordinaire 2001!

Under the tutelage of Judy Jansen and the Voice International organization, this young music theatre phenomenon has polished a delightfully spirited and charismatic stage presence for San Diego playgoers since 1996. Ms. Erica takes her vocal talents to a new level with an upcoming CD release due in Spring '01. Her music panache will shine as she performs a pop/ballad style uniquely her own.

San Diego Stage Credits
  • "Retrospect - Tribute to Janet Jackson" (5/00)
  • "A Mid-Summers Night's Dream" (11/99)
  • "Hamlet" (Lead role - Ophelia, 5/99)
  • "Sex, Drugs & Rapp" (Lead role - Lea, 2/99)
  • "All That Jazz" (2/99)
  • "The Worst High School Play"(2/99)
  • "The Fantastiks" (1998)
  • "Forum" (Role - Tintinabula, 1998)
  • "Crisis in Olympus" (One act play, 1998)
  • "Bye, Bye Birdie" (Lead role - Rosie, 1998)
  • "The Mouse That Roared" (Lead role - Gloriana, 1997)
  • "This Property is Condemned" (1997)
  • "The Crucible" (Tituba, 1996)
  • "The Insect Play" (1996)

Concert Appearances
  • San Diego Welcomes Gabe Concepcion (vocal soloist, 1999)
  • Concert at the Westgate (vocal soloist, Westgate Hotel, 1998)
  • Talent Search Concert (featured stage performer, Seafood City, 1998)
  • International Dance Challenge (featured dance soloist, Anaheim, 1997)
  • Pacific Coast Talent Showcase (featured soloist, San Diego, 1997)

The J. Jansen Family Band

Primed to debut into the San Diego Jazz scene is the talented and high energy "J. Jansen Family Band." Blending dynamic musical talent and high-spirited stage persona, this quartet is ready to become one of San Diego's most sought after concert and stage show bands. Their repertoire includes Top 40, R&B;, Soul and Funk hits that accentuate their growing list of original dance hits and ballads. Be sure to catch their next appearance where they are sure to "Make You Happy" at San Diego's Gaslamp Chinese New Year Festival February 3rd & 4th.

The Band

Guitar, lead vocals

Keyboards, vocals

Female vocals,

Bass, vocals

Past Featured Artists...

Judy "Jazzy" Jansen
A Sophisticated Lady

Judy "Jazzy" Jansen Often the most seasoned artist can suffer from a condition that limits the promise of stardom - mediocrity! Of the many factors contributing to this condition, none are more prevalent than complacency of one's abilities or achievements. Fortunately, the great performers recognize that the one and only way to gauge the caliber of their own abilities is through the accolades of those who have put them high on a pedestal in the first place, fans.

Concert legends like the Eagles and yes, even Barbra Streisand understand that a live stage performance bonds the fan and artist for generations. The recent flood of revivals is evidence that performers who are true to the art are rewarded with loyal fans that will come out to be entertained. San Diego’s very own jazz vocalist Judy Jansen embraces such a philosophy.

For 16 years, Jazz enthusiasts have loved to appreciate a vocal style featuring a unique signature on Broadway and Jazz masterpieces from the 20's to present. This golden voice boasts a 4 1/2-octave range to accentuate a passion for the stage. Judy's focus is to perform renditions that “make the music larger than life." For the growing number of fans, her fresh "jazzy" sound and uncanny musical interpretation mastered over years of stage performances make a Jansen concert worthy of encores.

Judy "Jazzy" JansenThis "straight from her heart" style of singing won accolades from audiences that experienced early performances on the Manila Broadcast Show, the Joe Qurino Show and the Nora Aunor Superstar Show. The latter gained her national recognition in the Philippines as the winner of the Nora Aunor Talent Search Contest. She was only eight years old at the time!

A 1975 concert tour to California was climaxed with a guest appearance on the “Tonight Show.” American audiences received the twelve-year-old singing sensation with a spirited ovation.

Ms. Jansen, at thirteen years old, returned to Guam and received tributes for performances on the Marlea Manon Show and Guam's First International Trade Festival. She captured first place in the Trade Festival's singing competition. Judy sold out thousands of singles records of "The Way We Were," "Here Lies Happiness," "Feelings," "Blue Hawaii;" sang for the 1976 Democratic Convention and Senator Candidate George Bambas' convention.

Surprisingly, Judy found time between production and recording projects to perform several concerts in Japan. Headlining at the Princess Scandinavia "floating hotel" an international audience gave resounding ovations as they paid homage to a one of a kind vocalist.

Judy "Jazzy" JansenJudy's next milestone involved a combination of proven stage abilities with leadership qualities to establish a successful talent promotion organization, Voice International. Her efforts have produced sold out talent shows, "Too Marvelous for Words" (August 1988), "Singer's Extraordinaire" (March 1987,) “Sophisticated Ladies” (1994) & “Jazzy & Blue” (1995). Audiences were treated to the talents of Jaqueline Maraya, lead performer in “Miss Saigon, Leah Michelle of Motown Records, and Bobbi Bamberger, who has done studio work with Chaka Kahn, opened for Prince and toured with Columbia Records, as well as Danielle Decker, television spokesperson for Nabisco Corporation.

Her international reputation as a concert promoter and artistic manager gained respect from personalities Lirio Vital and Gabby Concepcion. Both sold out concerts and performed finales with Judy that once again brought audiences to their feet.

The most amazing aspect of Judy’s career goes beyond her natural talent. It is sheer drive and determination to perform despite her physical disability. It is truly inspirational to see this dynamo enthrall audiences who are not aware of her need for a double lung transplant.

"The art of improvising lies in the sense of structure, in the ability to build a new story out of the bricks and mortar of a song," says Judy. This story is one where art does not imitate life; it is Judy’s life! 


The following review by Fred Missman of K-BIG radio is a testimony of the inspiration and talent of Judy Jansen.

San Diegan Magazine Review:


By Fred Missman, K-BIG Radio Director
Air Talent, Creative Services, Los Angeles, CA.

Listen to Judy Jansen and several words immediately come to mind. Words such as “musicianship,” “versatility,” and “intelligence.” And no, I’m not over-looking the more familiar adjectives associated with a jazz singer - “swinging,” “creative,” and “stylist.” The truth is that they all apply to Judy, whose long and persistent labors in the contemporary jazz vineyards have produced one of the finest vocal instruments of the nineties.

Judy’s new collection of classic standards (and not so standard) tunes in her “Jazzy and Blue” album provides convincing evidence. Backed by professionals, Judy touches all the required bases. Her musicianship and versatility are on full display – the qualities that become apparent from the first notes of “Shaker Song” as she ranges from a sweet toned introduction to a grooving, up-tempo romp with an improvisatory set of variations. By the time Judy reaches the lovely ballads “Mean to Me,” “The Nearness of You,” “Lush Life,” “Cry Me a River,” musicianship and versatility have been linked by musical intelligence, by her intimate understanding of the rich and complex elements of contemporary jazz singing.

One of my favorite ballads such as “Misty” and the Gershwin’s mournful “Embraceable you,” Judy sings with a precise clarity and emotional directness that stretches back to the craft of Sarah Vaughn, early Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra. Well aware that songs are told to music, she maintains her sung narrations in the perfect blending with the rhythmic and harmonic flow of the melodies – an impressive achievement.

More versatility pops up on the tune “Singing in The Rain,” – it is so rich with tropical atmosphere. Judy’s rendering of middle tempo is equally striking. In “The Lady is a Tramp,” Judy transforms this into a hard-driving jazz piece. Judy finds her own unique interpretation and brings vitality and spirit to an otherwise undistinguished tune. The way she deals with time is perhaps the most striking attribute of her style. She pushes and pulls in ways that are not supposed to work. This is definitely not textbook swinging! It is also a style that in unlikely to be widely copied because of its unorthodox approach to almost everything.

Judy has been around long enough to know that one outing does not make a career. But her work in this collection is the work of a mature, gifted artist – one who is comfortable with who she is, and with what she has to offer. Which calls to mind yet another word, and a word that is inescapably bonded to the singing of JUDY JANSEN. The word is “TALENT.” And I know of no higher compliment.

Click here to listen to or purchase Judy's latest CD, "Jazzy and Blue".

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She is not only an accomplished jazz singer and songwriter, she is San Diego's premier talent promoter, Executive Producer and President of Voice International.  Judy is a seasoned performer with twenty years of live concert experience including sold out numerous hit singles in Guam; was a special guest performer on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, toured with Bob Hope and USO Tours and appeared on the David Letterman Show.