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Utah Education Association / Bonneville Uniserve

An important endorsement comes from the Utah Education Association (UEA).  It is important to John because UEA is the strongest advocate for education in the State of Utah.  The UEA recognizes that John Curits has made education a high priority.

Michelle Penrod, spokesperson for Bonneville Uniserve says, "John is a great advocate for children.  He has demonstrated that he can maintain an open dialogue.  We look forward to being able to work with John in the Utah Legislature on behalf of Utah's children."

The Provo Education Association has also endorsed John.

Individual Endorsements

Our most important endorsements come from the individual residents of the district.  Already, the Curtis Campaign enjoys endorsements from thousands of people in Provo.  Many of their names appear as the background to this pageJohn receives more endorsements each day he walks door-to-door visiting his neighbors in Provo.

In addition, you may recognize some of these names:

Congressman Bill Orton: "John represents Utah County values.  He is fiscally conservative, pro-education, and pro-life.  We need John elected to help bring balance to Utah politics."  Bill Orton is the Democratic candidate for Governor in Utah.

Norm Chow, N.C. State Offensive Coordinator: "John is a man of character and integrity.  He is the type of team player we need in our State Senate."

Kirsten, Zane, Jacob, Sarah Jane, Emily & Nicole Curtis (John's kids): "We love our dad and are very proud of him. We don't mind sharing him with you because we know he will do a good job."

Sue Curtis (John's wife): I'm sometimes teased because I tell people that my husband is perfect. What can I say? I say it like it is.


Louise Durham, 2001 Utah Teacher of the Year: Not only does John have creative ideas, he is a listener, facilitator and doer.

Principal Sam Ray, Farrer Middle School: John is committed to finding answers for our education problems. A vote for John is a vote for education.

Senator Paula Julander: We all know John is conservative. Is he welcome in the Democratic party? Absolutely he is! Not only do we need John's common sense to deal with the difficult issues facing Utah but we also need his influence in the party.

Susan Engle, Action Target Employee: John Curtis is now a long time acquaintance of mine. He is my employer, mentor, and friend. I know without a shadow of a doubt that he can effect change in a very positive way.

Kyle Bateman, President of Action Target, Inc.: As John's boss, partner, cousin, and friend I have seen him in many situations. I have never seen him compromise his values. It is with confidence that I recommend him to you.

Hugh Nibly, author: If the voters will look closely, they will see that John has accomplished a great deal in promoting Utah County values. We need people like John to run in all parties. I am supporting John and I hope you will as well.

Franklin Lewis, Chairman of Utah Business Magazine: John has the ability to get along with everyone. He brings reason and harmony to otherwise difficult discussions. I fully recommend him as a Utah State Senator.

Patrick Bennett Hagen, Owner of Hagen Consulting Services: I am so impressed with John's desire to serve his community, I decided to work for him...for free!

Justin S. Forsberg, BYU Accounting Student: I support you John, because as I asked you questions, your answers came unequivocally similar to my own.  I believe you will fairly and fervently fight for Utah County families and their top concerns.

Add your endorsement to this list by emailing John.

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