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Personal Pages of Ted Nelson
Designer, Generalist, Contrarian
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For the last four years I have been mostly silent
 on the Web, because of the extreme shock of
 a foul attack and dishonest attack by WIRED
 magazine for which there has still been no
 apology or correction.

However, life must go on.  These pages at
 hyperland.net will be my more personal
 materials, such as are either unrelated to
 my computer work or too vehement and
 strongly-worded to put on a university server.

I will be adding things here from time to time.
 If they're lit up in blue, I've had time to put
 something there, otherwise not.  However,
 nothing is listed here which does not already exist.

It is interesting to see how hypertext has gone
 from being a grand possibility to a never-
 finished chore.)

Biostrategic theory

World Enough: anecdotes, musings
          and autobiographical fragments