The Tax Refusal

Poets, Thinkers . . . and Children . . . realize that
Birth Condemns No One To Heed The Will Of Evil
The Poet’s  Soul Is Different, Formed By The Fire Of Life 
It Guides His Passions, Leads His Heart, And Lives Forever.

Copyright  June 10, 1996  Daniel J. Lavigne


and seeking a


Much has been said about the Tax Refusal as it continues to spread a message
of hope and determination to a world that had abandoned its duty to reject
the will of evil as expressed and guided by the vile and violent.

Little of that which has been voiced by fearful
bureaucrats and their masters has been based on fact.

Adverse comments coming from governments, their employees or tax-funded
organizations, with respect to the lawful right and duty of all to participate in the
Tax Refusal, are grounded on the shoals of self-interest and have no basis in law.

Indeed, in Canada, taxation authorities and similar interest organizations
have failed in their foolish and unlawful attempts to deceive Canadians with
respect to their unassailable right and unavoidable duty to refuse to support
the nation while it actively participates in plans and preparations that are
predicated on a sure and certain will and capacity to commit Mass Murder.

Those unlawful acts confirm the reality that governments dare not
openly confront the Tax Refusal as they recognize the reality that:

(a) The Tax Refusal and use of its energizing symbol, the TAX EXEMPT STATUS card,
is a lawful act of dissent against societal insanity utilizing a citizen's right and duty
to conduct themselves in accordance with "The Rule Of Law" and the Principles
so properly espoused and so lethally enunciated at the Trials and Judgments
following the end of the Second World War; and

(b) Any attempt to force individuals to reject their right and duty to live
in accordance with "The Rule Of Law" and the Nuremberg Principles is unlawful
and an act of Treason against nations that have committed themselves to uphold
"The Rule Of Law" and the Principles now enshrined in Humanity's Conscience; and

(c) Taxation laws and other enactments calling upon populations at large to support
their nations ARE SUBJECT to the lawful and proper application of "The Rule Of Law"
and the lawful requirement that all citizens recognize and act on their unassailable
right and unavoidable duty to acknowledge and heed the Nuremberg Principles and
to do so regardless the costs or consequences to themselves or their nations; and

will simply aid and assist the Tax Refusal's publicly stated goal of forcing humanity
to face a day wherein it will suffer a total and all-out use of all nuclear and other
Weapons Of Mass Murder, or accept a future wherein no nation will
have weapons with which to force the balance to do their bidding.

simply said

The Tax Refusal

will achieve its goal; and our limited choice,

Flourish, or Perish,

will end our present acceptance of the will of evil.

Indeed, with the spreading realization that nations purporting to be subject
to "The Rule Of Law" cannot lawfully force their citizens to reject their
adherence to the guiding precepts of life lived under such rule, many, in
order that their neighbours not have unfair financial advantage over
them, are now joining the Tax Refusal.

You are invited to do the same.

The following pages will help you understand more about your right and duty to act
in accordance with "The Rule Of Law" and the lawful requirements of the Principles
that were so properly and LETHALLY enunciated at the Trials and Judgments at
Nuremberg following the insanity of the Second World War.

They will also inform you "WHY" all must assist a process leading to a necessary
"MORAL CORRECTION", or face the reality that the coming "END OF OIL" will
cause humanity to suffer a total and all-out use of all nuclear and other
Weapons Of Mass Murder; with no chance of avoiding such use
unless the Tax Refusal succeeds in having the majority of
humanity recognize that a higher sense of the worth and
meaning of "Human Dignity" is all that stands between
us and man's wilful extinction of all life on the planet.

Birth Condemns No One To Heed The Will Of Evil
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555 Marlee Avenue Meetings - Toronto - Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM


The Question

"Does birth as a human being truly condemn one to paying taxes to, or
otherwise supporting, a society so cowardly and lost to the madness
of greed as to wilfully participate in plans and preparations that are
based on a sure and certain will and capacity to use nuclear and
other Weapons of Mass Murder; and mock thereby
the very meaning of existence?"

Simply Said . . Say . . "ENOUGH!" . . And Join

The Tax Refusal
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