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[U.N. Charter & U.N. Declaration on Human Rights]
[NB: The Republic of Lomar is not a member of the United Nations]

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The Republic of Lomar is a non-territorial nation, i.e. a supranational entity with the attributes of a traditional state, except for a localized territorial imperium. The Republic of Lomar is mainly known as a passport issuing entity for stateless individuals and in the press as the foremost and fastest growing micronation worldwide. Our focus is clearly set on:

  • the defense of Human Rights worldwide
  • the diplomatic representation of the oppressed and unrepresented
  • high level consular services to our citizens worldwide
  • leveraging Internet technologies (Digital Diplomacy, telecommuting, etc.)
  • promoting a complementary non-territorial approach to citizenship.

As a non-territorial entity, the Republic of Lomar does not and cannot offer any type of immigration program to the Republic of Lomar. If you are interested in getting assistance with a immigration matters, please fill our  immigration assistance form. You will then be referred to qualified advisors. This clarification is important because of the scandals caused the fraudulent promises of an aspiring island-nation known as "the Dominion of Melchizedek". The following restrictions also apply:

  • it is not possible to incorporate business or banking entities within the Republic of Lomar system
  • the Republic of Lomar passport is a valid identity document but still has to gain acceptance as a border crossing document
  • name changes are possible but the name at birth will always appear on the passport and ID - date and place of birth cannot be changed
  • a notarized or certified copy of original documents is required to obtain a Lomar passport or ID.

Unlike most other nations, the Republic of Lomar maintains a truly symbiotic relationship with its citizens. She derives her sovereignty (in part) from a large body of citizens worldwide (see statistics) and in return offers protection and sovereign services.

It is important not to confuse the Republic of Lomar with many other "micronations", most of which can be immediately recognized as role-playing operations with a handful of "citizens" and self-proclaimed kings and emperors. In order to understand the status and sovereignty of the Republic of Lomar, is useful to be familiar with the history and status of such nations/institutions as:

  • the Order of Malta
  • the Holy See (Vatican City)
  • the government of Tibet-in-exile
  • status of embassies "cut-off" from their home countries
  • internet law in general.

(For detailed information, please refer to our Foreign Affairs section other nations and micronations - and to our Sovereignty Analysis document).

(Note: according to U.N. definitions, a micronation is a nation with a population under 1.5 million citizens). The term is also used to describe nations with very small territories, newly independent nations and model or imaginary nations). (See http://microstate.org/ and sorted population table).


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