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Scandium - Aluminum alloys have exceptional strength and deliver superior performance in sporting goods, aerospace, transportion and other high performance applications. Ashurst Technology Group performs development, manufacturing, and marketing of these Aluminum - Scandium alloys in a variety of product forms. Current sales of final products include baseball bats, bicycle frames, lacross sticks, and welding electrodes.

In February 1997, Easton Sports launched Redline, their premier line of baseball and softball bats using our scandium alloys. This highly successful launch was followed by the recent introduction of Easton scandium mountain and road bicycle frames and components under the Bones logo. In September, STX, the market leader in lacrosse stick sales, contracted for the delivery of several thousand lacrosse sticks over a two year period. These contracts and other joint development agreements with manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive markets illustrate the potential of this high performance scandium - aluminum alloy.

The following links provide metallurgical property and design performance data on scandium - aluminum alloys as well as other Ashurst products and services.

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