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Timely News from the Interactive Entertainment Industry

GameDAILY Interviews ION Storm's John Romero

       Over the past year or so Dallas area's ION Storm has been the center point of much speculation and controversy. It’s difficult to identify exactly when ION's troubles began internally or when it became major news. One thing is for sure though, any control ION had over the situation was blown sky high last week in a revealing report from the Dallas Observer and the subsequent publication of internal ION emails supporting the expose. ionlogo.gif (13838 bytes)
        In her report, writer Christine Biederman chronicled the mass exodus certain key members of ION Storm have made in the last 6 months. This departure was deemed a long time coming with many industry pundits and it made ION’s secret internal politics the sudden subject of a hundred debates. ION Storm has also filed a subpoena against Ms. Biederman and the Dallas Observer in an attempt to force them to reveal sources for the report.
        We at GameDaily became very concerned over the effect of all this incredibly negative press on ION Storm’s future. Under the assumption that the emails and facts in the Observer’s report are accurate, we became especially concerned that ION was expecting to sell 2.5 million copies of Daikatana to become profitable. According to our sales tracking sources, Quake 2 has sold a mere 550,000 copies and Unreal clocks in at 350,000 (those are U.S. Sell-Through numbers). Only the most extreme mass market titles such as MYST have managed to break the 2 million mark.
Seeking some damage control, GameDaily was offered an Interview with ION Storm’s John Romero who answered our questions concerning ION’s future financially and publicly.

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