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The Dark Site
An Intelligent Web Environment

(c) 1999-2000 by Gregor Rosenauer

Progress - A Short History of Time

What is it?

The Dark Site is intended to become an integrated, intelligent environment for creating HTML-documents. I am currently concentrating on the Editor, to allow for a good insight into your HTML-code.

Afer the editor is ready to allow for smooth and rapid coding, I will add other modules, such as Inspectors for specific HTML/XML-tags or a SiteManager (see Features).

The aim is to aid web-developers in HTML-coding as much and efficient as possible, without interfering and getting in your way. Take a look at the planned features to get an idea of my vision:-)

I have many things in mind, but I am interested in your opinions, bug-reports and motivation - your feedback will be appreciated and answered, either personally, or here (later).

What is it not?

The Dark Site is not intended to become a WYSIWYG-HTML-Editor like Dreamweaver or Pagemill/GoLive - there are several reasons for this:

  1. It would be very hard to code - I really don't have the time and manpower for this, better spend my time on other BeOS-projects, too...;)
  2. These editors are often not as intuitive to use as advertised - text-editors OTOH are very easy to handle - just type away..!
  3. They often produce code of questionable quality - automatically generated code will never reach the quality of manually fine-tuned code, but bloating your HTML-code and slowing down the page-loading-time.
  4. the WYSIWYG is a fake anyway: it only helps you when designing the webpage, but it will always differ from a browser-rendered page - and this is all what counts in the end: how does it look in the real world?

If you need this kind of tool, InSite Designer (formerly named "Weboardo") might be worth to check out.

So because of these issues, I decided to take another approach:

What You Code Is What You Get

This will be the main concept in DarkSite: concentrate on XML/HTML, not the rendering - this will be done externally - allow hands-on-the-code, but offer as much and as intelligent help as possible, thus bringing you all the advantages of hand-coded HTML, without requiring you to do everything by hand without any help.



Planned for 1.0 and later

Known Issues


The new search-function
The new search-function...
Debugging with BDB
Debugging with BDB
Browser-Preview in action...
Configuring Syntax-Styling...


Name Version Platform Comments
ZIPDarkSite for x86/AMD:) x86 latest public, stable release
ZIPDarkSite for PPC PPC latest public, stable release

For voting and viewing statistics, please go to DarkSite's page at BeBits (the download-link points to this homepage)

You may find other copies by searching with Google, the best search-engine IMO, not only because Dominic Giampaolo, former Be-engineer, is working there:)

Closing Words and Credits

I have created The Dark Site because of my own needs (selfish as I am;), and I am using it for my own web-work (also for this document, needless to say;), so you can be sure I will try to keep it as bug-free as I can.
However, if you encounter problems or have ideas, only if you submit bug-reports and feedback, I can do something to make them a reality and improve the DarkSite !

Special Thanks this time go to:

Last updated on: March 7th, 2001