Electronic notebook for scientists (and everybody else, too)

Free-form notetaking tool with full-text search designed to supplement or replace paper logbooks and general purpose notebooks.

As a program running in the background on a modern workstation or pc, a Metalog is always available like a notebook and pen. While your paper notebook can already do these things, a Metalog does more to help you in your research:


Metalog is available for Macintosh and PCs running Windows 3 or above.
Macintosh Metalog, version 3.0b2

Version 3.0b2 requires at least HyperCard 2.1 Player (included):

Version 3.0b2 adds:

Macintosh Metalog, version 2.9b12

Version 2.9b12 requires at least HyperCard 1.2 Player (included):

Windows Metalog, version 2.9b12

Metalog shares some features and concepts with WebBook, and future plans for WebBook might include capabilities from Metalog.

Note that Metalog was developed several years ago, and is not actively supported. However, if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to direct them to: Rich Fozzard,

Metalog's web site (as of this writing) is at:
Metalog was originally developed by the Artificial Intelligence Program of the Forecast Systems Laboratory; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; U. S. Department of Commerce.