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Off The Beaten Path
5/13/2001 - Over There - Frank Duclos
5/12/2001 - Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in Three Years - Frank Duclos
5/10/2001 - A note from Freida - Freida
5/2/2001 - The Issues That Really Matter - Frank Duclos
5/2/2001 - Survivor Synopsis - Week 13 - Dynagirl
4/22/2001 - Follow the Money on Gambling - JBMoney
4/19/2001 - Doing Fine - Ed Hoon
I'm Outta Here - JBMoney - May 11, 2001

JBMoney is changing venues this weekend, moving to a new residence in Carmichael (a whole 5 miles away from where I live now). I'll have a larger office, which is great because I need room to build a couple of new 'puters, some more trees in the yard, a remodeled kitchen, and hardwood floors. Sweet. If you want to get a workout this Saturday, lifting boxes, let me know.

Anyhow, I'm not sure when you'll see the next update, because I don't know when I'll next have Internet access ... hopefully soon. Just in case it's a long stretch, I thought I better leave you with some interactive nonsense. Stuff you can do over and over again, until I'm back online. Here we go:

  • Shatneroids - Asteroids 'Star Trek' Style with sound effects.
  • How Evil Are You - Test your evil tendencies and, if you make the grade, maybe you can work on political campaigns or something.
  • JuxtaProse: Mix and Match - Juxtaposes pictures and text based on your input to create conversations between characters. Dare to laugh.
  • Arse Race - I hope your ass can keep up.
  • Titoonic Snowboard - Snowboard slalom course.
  • Newgrounds - TONS of weird flash games and movies (among other things). Try a few out.

ATTN: Political Hacks - Freida is requesting your assistance.

Work Avoided Through Extensive List Making - Do you know someone like this? Hehe ... don't get me started.

Movie Reviews: You know, you don't have to be a Roger Ebert to review movies at You can just submit a single sentence or more ("Brendan Fraser kicks ass!") even just a 1-10 rating will do. Piece of cake. Come on, I know you've seen some movies, somebody's buying all those tickets. Speaking of which, looks like one Summer movie might be a big disappointment.

Make War, Not Love - “Pearl Harbor,” which sets the Japanese attack in the heart of a two-guys-and-a-gal love story, is above all a movie about its own movieness ... Hollywood movies don’t get more Hollywood than “Pearl Harbor.”

Survivor News: Some bad news for Survivor fans. Show producer Mark Burnett has admitted to using body doubles to 'reenact' Survivor adventures. Think about the planning that must have went in to this. At some point there must have been secret rehearsals for Survivor 'doubles' and these guys/gals were on hand the whole time to recreate scenes, or what else? Burnett says it was strictly reenacting and didn't effect any outcomes. Hmm....

'Survivor' Producer Admits Reenacting Scenes for TV - Burnett went on to say, however, that he had reenacted "Survivor" scenes, using "stand-ins" after the real encounters took place in order to get certain perspectives without viewers seeing any "Survivor" cameras.

Fox accuses CBS of rigging "Survivor'' - Fox Broadcasting Co. has launched a broad-based attack against CBS, charging that it rigged contestant voting on the "Survivor'' series.

More News:

J. Lo'S Black Market Sex Tape Exposed - A videotape of Jennifer Lopez making love to a long-time-ago boyfriend has apparently found its way to a hip-hop honcho who is planning to market it on the Internet.

Bill to reclassify pot crime advances: Possession of an ounce or less would be an infraction - (about freaking time) Pot smokers would be comparable to speeding drivers in the eyes of the law under a proposal that cleared a California State Senate committee Thursday.

Quote: “I can remember way back when a liberal was one who was generous with his own money.” -- Will Rogers

Get A Life - JBMoney - May 10, 2001
TO JBMoney:


I got all tingly all over thinking I'd get to see Rod Mitchell in real time, and find that either he's been stuck in one position for the past several hours or it's just an image, not a cam, or I'm doing something wrong and not getting it to refresh or something.

And now my wife, who is watching on, is criticizing me for writing a run-on sentence, but I don't think I'm writing run-on sentences at all, because it's just that I have an awful lot to say right now and I'm all keyed up over seeing that smashing picture of Rodney and kind of bummed at the same time that it's just a picture and not an actual streaming video cam of Rodney in action there at his Elephantine position in Sacramento.

Have a nice day,
Scott, in New York
inventor of the WonderBra"

Dear Scott: RodneyCam only happens on Thursday. The world is just not ready for more Rodney than that.

Sorry this is so late, it's been a hectic day.


Survivor Withdrawals - JBMoney - May 8, 2001
I was cleaning some dishes yesterday and one pan had a layer of burnt rice stuck to the bottom. It was then that I realized how much I already miss Survivor - no more Keith leaning over the fire wasting everyone's rice. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the outcome, mainly because that dumb Texan (Colby) didn't play to win. The biggest, most watched 'game' in history, and he voluntarily hands victory to Tina, the spoiled phony homewrecker. That's just plain lame. I guess Tina will be set for a while.

  • Something you may not have known is that CBS kept a running popularity poll of all the Survivors, even after they were booted. Check out "Mad Dog" Maralyn, Mike and Alicia's ratings.
  • If you're needing a Survivor fix, check out Letterman's "Late Show: The Australian Outback".
  • Survivors from the first show, including Richard Hatch, will be going up against each other again in a special "Weakest Link" which I think is airing this Thursday.
  • There is an Internet Survivor-type game called "None: The Internet Survival Game Show".

Congrats To: Dan & Allison Brennan: blessed with Luke Daniel Brennan, last night at 5:08 pm. Andy & Cathy Andersen: blessed with Emma Christina Andersen, on April 27th.

Sounds: I added back a whole bunch of files to the Sound Studio, from the old site, including Miscellaneous Movie Sounds and small collections from Animal House, Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Sling Blade and Something About Mary. Still a long way to go, but those were some of my favorites.



Unusual otter attack kills dog - As the otter pulled the dog under, a family friend grabbed a pole, jumped into a small boat and tried to rescue Mike. But the dog already was limp and floating away. "The otter went under water," said Rick Wolf, 19. "Then it jumped on the back of the boat and started attacking my foot."

New York Post - "Fresh off hiring former 'NYPD Blue' beauty-turned-sizzling-nude-model Andrea Thompson, CNN may have found its next star - Bill Clinton. Sources close to the 24-hour cable news network say the former president has been approached by Bob Pittman, chief operating officer of CNN parent AOL Time Warner, about hosting a talk show on CNN., Best of the Web - "In what must be some sort of new record, a three-year-old has been banned from his school bus for three days because he threatened to shoot the bus driver. The Associated Press reports the New Port Richey, Fla., toddler is in a special-education program that allowed him to start school early." -

Quote: “No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” -- Gideon J. Tucker, delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1864

Now That's A Sticky Situation - JBMoney - May 7, 2001
Caption this picture, with a twist ... A crew member on a land oil rig in the Amazons went off the rig and took a nap. He was missing for quite some time, and this is what they eventually found. If you don't believe there's a guy in there, take a look here, after the snake's been sliced open.

What were his last thoughts before being 'consumed'?
(Use 'Reply' below.)

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