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Welcome to the Lzip project Home Page!

What is lzip?
Glad you asked. Lzip is an advanced file compression utility that generates smaller file sizes than either gzip or bzip2, and does so much faster.  Lzip can achieve these goals because it it based on a so-called "lossy" compression scheme (most other utilties make use of slower, less efficient "lossless" compression). For more information, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions list. Or, you can dive right in, grab the 1.0 tarball and start reducing your bloated files down to 10%, 15%, in some cases 0% of their original size!

April 1, 2000- Initial Public Release Congratulations everyone, we've reached 1.0. Big thanks to the developers for putting in lots of hard work over the last few days.  To all newcomers: grab a tarball, run the install script, and you're in business!

March 31, 2000- Homepage created on Sourceforge We have registered lzip.sourceforge.net, and will be moving our pages over there within the next day or so. Hopefully we can get the last of the kinks worked out in time to turn 1.0 by Saturday....


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April 1, 2000

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