Pfeifer, A Volga Colony

Built of wood in a neoclassic style, the church contained a high altar, side altars and organ that came from the South Tyrol. The upper half of the interior walls were whitewashed whereas the lower half were finished in light blue.

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

altar The ornate wood carvings of the high altar
and side altars were finished in white,
heavenly blue and gold. The statues were
highlighted in gold.

  Baroque High Altar

  • About the Village:
    PFEIFER, called "Gnilushka" by the Russian authorities, was founded in 1765 by German emigrants from Baden, Wuerttemberg and other provinces in Germany. It lies on the right side of the Ilawla river, 117 versts from the provincial capital, Saratov, 65 versts from the district capital, Kamyshin, and 6 versts from the volost centre, Kamenka.