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The Why-What-Who-Where-When-How of The Marketeers, and some very interesting demographic statistics from our Web site.


Marketing on the Internet: Our Vision

It is obvious that the Direct Marketing industry, with its experience in selling remotely to shoppers who cannot touch, feel or try out merchandise before ordering, is best positioned to exploit the possibilities of electronic commerce provided by the Internet. While the attractions of interactive home shopping are obvious, what isn't obvious are the myriad of issues surrounding credit card security, Web site performance and ease of use, how best to appeal to the Internet customer, and how to make a Web site profitable. The Marketeers are at the forefront of all these issues.

From our experience in building Web sites, we have distilled out the most important lessons and we have put together a set of Recommendations for a Successful Web Site at


[Mall of Catalogs Logo] The Mall of Catalogs

The Mall of Catalogs is valuable business- and environment-friendly service, since it provides an effective way for shoppers and catalogers to be "matched." Hundreds of catalogs are listed in dozens of categories. Shoppers can register to receive catalogs in which they are interested, and can request to get taken off mailing lists of catalogs they don't want.

Catalogers can buy these valuable inquiry names from us at a very competitive price, and use the information to target motivated buyers, and drop unresponsive ones (saving paper and mailing costs). We even offer a service where catalogers can offer premium catalogs for a small charge, and we handle all the purchase transactions online. All this can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and inquiry generation methods. Try out The Mall of Catalogs now -- it's the largest and most popular catalog selection service on the Web!

Visit the Mall of Catalogs at:

For details on the benefits and costs of listing your company on the Mall of Catalogs, see the Mall of Catalogs Listing Info at


The Marketeers is a software company specializing in total solutions for the Direct Marketing Industry. The Marketeers is a hand-picked team chosen for their unique marketing and technical strengths in the following areas:


Based in Boulder, Colorado, The Marketeers make extensive use of local business and Internet expertise. Our World-Wide-Web server computer is operated and maintained by AES Consulting in Boulder. Internet connectivity is handled by Colorado Supernet and US West Communications, both of Denver. Credit card verification services are provided by ACS Merchant Services, Inc., a Boulder company helping us pioneer the use of credit cards on the Internet.


Founded in May 1994, The Marketeers were originally formed to develop MarketMaster, a full-featured database marketing analysis and response reporting system for the Direct Marketing (DM) industry. In April of 1995, a reevaluation of corporate strategy resulted in a shift to the uses of the Internet for the DM industry. We originally developed online catalogs for several companies, and in July 1995 became the first company to offer an online request service for mail-order catalogs. Since then, the Mall of Catalogs has become the largest and most popular service of its kind on the World-Wide-Web.


Technical Expertise

The Marketeers team is composed of twenty-year-plus veterans of the Internet and database industries. Skills germane to Web site development include: Some of the most advanced developments in Web technology are currently being pioneered by Marketeers team members: The Marketeers also maintain extensive working relationships with corporate, government, and University researchers, especially at University of Colorado, NOAA, Stanford University, and Apple Computer.

All of these resources can be brought to bear on just about any Internet/World-Wide-Web solution!


Because of the design of the Mall of Catalogs, we have been able to gather a wide variety of statistics on shoppers, clients, and usage of the Mall.

Shopper Demographics

Although registering for the Mall of Catalogs requires only a name and address, we invite shoppers to tell us more about themselves, and an amazing 95% of those registering do! We thus build up a valuable list of names with specific demographic information that can be made available to direct marketers on those who request their catalog.

Over all requests for all catalogs, we have compiled the following demographics:

Sex 47.8% Female
52.2% male
Age 8.8% <20
41.5% 20-30
29.6% 30-40
15.7% 40-50
4.4% >50
Income 6.9% >100K
9.5% 75-100K
21.3% 50-75K
32.7% 30-50K
29.6% <30K
Education completed 3.0% some HS
27.9% HS
48.9% BS
15.4% MS
4.8% PhD
Computer 73.7% IBM-compatible
16.4% Mac
5.0% UNIX
4.9% other

Cataloger Demographics

Below are the number of client catalog companies currently listing in the Mall of Catalogs, broken down by category (only the more popular categories are listed for brevity):

Usage Demographics

Complete logs are kept of all pages viewed and selections made from the Mall of Catalogs. A sampling of some of the usage statistics from recent months: Note that the stats for "catalog requests" includes both "Please Send" and "Please Don't Send" requests. Approx. 10-15% of all requests are "Please Don't Send" requests.
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