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ALSO: Dialog | Capitalism, environmentalism, and the connection between being green and being profitable

Featured Filter | The FBI Fiasco: Did the FBI intentionally withhold documents in the McVeigh case?

DAILY | Apocalypse -- Now!
Joshua Micah Marshall on George W. Bush's alarmism (2 Comments)

DAILY | A Case of Stolen Identity
Clay Shirky on cheap and easy Web heists (6 Comments)

DIALOG | David Gelernter's New Desktop
A dialog with the computer scientist, author and interface rebel (63 Comments)

DAILY | On the Block
Benjamin Anastas on the auction of Jack Kerouac's notorious scroll (1 Comment)

DAILY | Love is Strange
Jefferson Chase on why the Love Parade, Berlin's annual techno bacchanal, is being championed by the Christian Democrats (1 Comment)

ESSAY | Give It Away Now!
Microsoft thinks the open source movement shares a fatal flaw with the businesss models of the bubble economy. But do the dot.bombs have more in common with Windows than with Linux? Steven Johnson investigates. (19 Comments)

DAILY | Thank You For the Music
Jefferson Chase on this year's serving of Continental kitsch at the Eurovision Song Contest (19 Comments)

REPORT | "Oscar Added Years to My Life!"
New research shows that Academy Award winners live longer than their peers. Christine Kenneally finds out why. (2 Comments)

DIALOG | Our Cheating Hearts
A Dialog about monogamy and how evolutionary biology can help us understand infidelity. (20 Comments)

DAILY | The Origins of Madness
Christiane Culhane on the role of essential fatty acids in schizophrenia and human evolution (3 Comments)

DAILY | Anatomy of Your Self
Christine Kenneally on scientists' discovery of the part of the brain that controls much of our personality (3 Comments)

INTERVIEW | The Taste Test
Steven Johnson talks to OpenCola's Cory Doctorow about his bid to reinvent the intelligent agent. (19 Comments)

DAILY | The Toxic Mountain
Michael Amon on Yucca Mountain, the site singled out for nuclear waste disposal (12 Comments)

DAILY | Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong
Mark Van de Walle on the triumphant return of Tsui Hark (1 Comment)

ESSAY | The DJ's New Lexicon
Skratch, a newly legit musical genre, is getting its own notational system. Franklin Bruno looks at two bids to put flares, orbits, and crabs down on paper. (2 Comments)

DIALOG | Debunking the Digital Divide
The past, present, and future of race and technology (56 Comments)

REPORT | Building a New Beirut
Lebanon's capital has staked its future on one real estate company that promises to revitalize its ruined downtown. Robyn Creswell reports from Beirut. (0 Comments)

DAILY | Crypto Sees the Light
Christine Kenneally on the breakthrough in quantum cryptography (19 Comments)

DAILY | Capitalist Henchman for Hire
Keith Gessen on why the Kremlin had to import an American to crack down on the press (6 Comments)

DIALOG | Nicholson Baker: The FEED Dialog
Author Nicholson Baker talks about why our top libraries are destroying books and newspapers. (25 Comments)

05.31.01 | Not In My Backyard
Posted 56 minutes and 37 seconds ago
A Kentucky couple is facing an injunction against using their home as a halfway house after neighbors complained that it brought an undesirable element into the area and imposed their religion on the entire neighborhood. "Two years ago, Mark and Tammy LaPalme opened their home to a convicted sex offender to test their newfound faith as born-again Christians. Since then, about 80 other people -- some homeless, some newly released from prison -- have stayed with them." One neighbor claimed that "their religion was being imposed on all of [the neighbors], and in that, they crossed the line."
1 filtered comment of 0 total

FILTER | "Look Ma, A Human Skull!": Bones found in children's play sand
(15 hours 25 minutes ago) 1 comment

FILTER | World Leaders on Dope: Global call for legalization of drugs
(18 hours 11 minutes ago) 4 comments

FILTER | The FBI Fiasco: Did the FBI intentionally withhold documents in the McVeigh case?
(21 hours 26 minutes ago) 1 comment

FILTER | Sex Ed. Is Working: Safe-sex programs prevent teen pregnancy, do not increase sexual activity
(22 hours 14 minutes ago) 1 comment

FILTER | Cyber Schools, Real Costs: Pennsylvania lawsuit challenges unorthodox charter schools
(on 2001-05-30 13:30:00 GMT) 5 comments

FILTER | Nuclear China: China can develop their own nuclear weapons
(on 2001-05-30 01:00:00 GMT) 1 comment

FILTER | Will Eminiem Be Banned From Down Under?: Australians try to keep the rapper out of their country
(on 2001-05-29 22:00:00 GMT) 1 comment


Pearl Harbor
Young love triangle, incidental bombing of American troops

Young love triangle, incidental disaster at sea
Previous Results | Who's Better Loop

- Two Countries, Two Elections, Two Assignments, One Writer, No Story? -- Joe Klein's Double Exposure
"If I was David Remnick, I'd be very upset. Or could Klein not have got away with his Guardian prose at the venerable weekly?"
- Why Pearl Harbor Is A Lie -- Some Background On America's Racism Toward Japan
"Self-censorship in the name of profits will mislead movie-goers about the high level of anti-Japanese racism cultivated by the 'greatest generation.'"
- Crisis, What Crisis? -- In Defense Of Sucking It Up
"The New Yorker's James Surowiecki provides this sly analysis of the market forces at work in this year's so-called energy crisis."
- What An Ass! -- Parisian Man Foiled In Attempt To Fart Out Eternal Flame
"The Paris daily Liberation said the unnamed prankster struck Sunday night and was promptly pulled off the illustrious flame, which honors the French who died during World War One."
- Saddam Stole My Art! -- Canadian Unhappy With Hussein's Appropriation Of His Goddess Painting
"Jonathon Earl Bowser, of Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada, claims the cover art is a painting he did in 1998. It is posted on his Web site and protected by copyright."

- Hit & Run 05.31.01
Learning from Jerry, burning for Pearl, spurning Britannica.com
- Filler 05.30.01
Dating and Other Catastrophes!
- Dear Tiny Little Penis
Is he stringing you along?

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