Welcome to Christophe Pallier's home page.

I am a male homo sapiens born in 1968 AC and living Paris, France. My main occupations are:

  • working as a research scientist: my job consists in trying to understand how the brain decodes the speech signal, using experimental psychology and brain imaging techniques.
  • playing with my children: Gabriel and Zoé.

The aim of the following web pages is mostly to allow easy access to some documents and tools that I, or others, have produced . It is also to try and communicate on subjects that matter to me (see the section "spread the word"). Most of these pages are in (pidgin) English because, unfortunately, many of my friends do not understand French.

not bald yet!

Scientific papers
  • Publications about:
    • Language-specific listening
    • Adaptation to very fast speech
    • Limits on biligualism
    • Sensitivity to syllabic structure in speech perception
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