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Backflip's Board of Directors
The following prominent Silicon Valley industry leaders comprise our Board.

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer is a consumer technology marketing industry veteran. Jennifer was formerly the SVP of Strategic Development at AOL's Netscape Netcenter division, where she led and grew Netcenter from a corporate website to a leading consumer portal. At Netcenter, Jennifer also served as SVP of Programming and Marketing, where she negotiated multi-million dollar co-programming relationships and led a 130-person organization. Before joining Netscape, Jennifer worked in a variety of management and marketing positions for such companies as SkyTel, Go Corporation, and Apple Computer.

Ron Conway

Ron is perhaps the most prominent and successful angel investor in Silicon Valley and a member of Red Herring's Board. His portfolio companies include Ask Jeeves, Chemdex, Spinner Networks, Google and SendMail. Ron is a General Partner of Angel Investors, L.P., which provides capital investments to early stage companies, focused on the internet, e-commerce and information technology markets. Ron is the director of strategic alliances at SmartForce (formerly CBT Systems) -- one of the most respected interactive training companies in the world. Ron helped start Altos Computer Systems, which was sold to the Acer Group in 1990.

Robert Keller

Robert Keller has played an instrumental role in the management of Rosewood Venture Group since he joined the company in February 2000 as a General Partner. Rosewood, a San Francisco-based firm, focuses on Internet investing and has raised $300 million in venture capital. Robert handles the management of Rosewood's investments as well as their "strategic positioning within the Internet economy." Formerly, Robert was the head and Managing Director of Chase Hambrecht & Quist Internet Investment banking practice. Here, he financed companies such as CNET,, @Home, Vignette, Geocities, and NBCi. Robert also aided in the growth of H&Q's Internet practice, overseeing it as it jumped from 5 to 30 people.

J. Neil Weintraut

Neil has been an Internet thought leader since its commercialization in 1994. Prior to founding 21st Century Internet Venture Capital, Neil was a partner at Hambrecht & Quist where he pioneered H&Q's Internet practice. At 21st Century Internet, Neil's portfolio companies include among others,, and AdForce. Neil has written and lectured extensively about the Internet and its impact on commerce. Neil published one of the first research reports on the commercialized Internet, and is now a regular contributor to Business 2.0, Red Herring and TechWeb. Neil sits on the Board of Advisors of The Industry Standard and is a runner-up in Upside Magazine's 1998 Elite 100. Neil is also credited with coining the phrase "Get Big Fast," which has become the mantra of Internet start-up companies everywhere.