National Conferences

NCTE Convention
Nov. 15-18, 2001

CCCC Convention
March 15-17, 2001

Regional Conferences

TYCA Southeast
"Active Learning in the Actual Classroom: Empowering Students"
Mar 1-3, 2001
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

TYCA Northeast
>Oct 4-6, 2001
Washington, DC

TYCA Southwest
Oct 4-6, 2001
Little Rock, AR

Oct 4-6, 2001
Las Vegas, NV

TYCA Pacific Northwest
"English in Transition"
Oct 11-13, 2001
Centralia, WA

TYCA Midwest
Oct 11-12, 2001
Fort Wayne, IN

TYCA Pacific Coast (ECCTYC)
"Capitol Ideas ECCTYC 2001"
Oct 17-20, 2001

TYCA Southeast
"Active Learning in the Actual Classroom: Empowering Students"
Mar 1-3, 2001


The Two-Year College English Association
of the
National Council of Teachers of English

National TYCA, an organization formed in 1996 within NCTE, focuses on issues related to teaching English in two-year colleges. It welcomes all full-time, part-time, and prospective teachers into a community of scholars and faculty who share concerns about important issues influencing the teaching of English—composition, literature, and rhetoric.

National TYCA is one of four higher education groups within NCTE: these four groups work as a coalition, called the College Forum, on joined projects. National TYCA addresses interests and concerns of two-year college English faculty. The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) addresses interests and concerns of writing instructors from first-year writing to graduate education. The College Section, soon to be renamed the College English Studies Association (CESA), addresses interests and concerns of generalists who teach predominately at the undergraduate level, with a specific focus on the "scholarship of teaching."

The newly formed College Forum provides a national voice for two-year college English faculty. National TYCA provides a variety of resources to support teachers, develops strategies to improve the profession, and advocates on behalf of all who teach English to first and second year college students.

All members of National TYCA are eligible to vote for national officers who are joined by elected representatives from each of the TYCA Regions to form the National TYCA Executive Committee.

Teaching English in the Two-Year College

Teaching English in the Two-Year College, the only journal focused on two-year issues, provides an opportunity for the two-year teacher/scholar/writer to share ideas about teaching practices, to examine research and theory as it relates to teaching, to explore issues related to the needs of two-year students, and to address professional concerns. The journal also includes reports from the seven regions in "TYCA to You," a special section designed to highlight the work of the regionals.

The Seven Regionals

National TYCA coordinates the work of the seven Regions which serve every section of the United States and many Canadian provinces. The Regions have a long history of dynamic leadership and successful conferences.

TY CA-Southwest
TYCA- West
TYCA-Pacific Northwest
TYCA-Pacific Coast

Membership Information

National TYCA

TYCA Regionals

The TYCA National Executive Committee

Associate Chair
Past Chair

Georgia Newman
Frank Madden
Judith "Jay" Wootten
T. Ella Strother
Lois Powers

Editor, TETYC
Editor, "TYCA to You"

Howard Tinberg

TYCA-Pacific Coast
TYCA Pacific Northwest

Stasia J. Callan
Linda Isles Jones
Linda Houston
Mike Matthews
John Paddison
Janice Albert
Sharon Mitchler

CCCC Representative

Jody Millward

College Section Representative

Kathleen Blake Yancey


Writing the Community: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Composition
Linda-Adler-Kassner, Robert Crooks, and Ann Watters, eds.

Democracy's Open Door
Marlene Griffith and Ann Connor

Two-year College English: Essays for a New Century
Mark Reynolds, ed.

Border Talk: Writing and Knowing in the Two-Year College
Howard Tinberg


Nell Ann Pickett Service Award Winners

Mark Reynolds 2000
Kathryn Staples 1999
Charles Annal 1998
Paul Bodmer 1997
Elisabeth McPherson 1996
Lynn Quitman Troyka 1995
Audrey Roth 1994
Nell Ann Pickett 1993


What's New?

25th Anniversary TETYC


Teaching English in the Two-Year College

TYCA Breakfast at the CCCC Convention

Sat. March 17, 2001

For Information:
Sheldon Wrice

Regional Web Sites

TYCA Northeast

TYCA Southeast

TYCA Midwest


TYCA Pacific Coast

TYCA Pacific Northwest<b

TYCA Progam Chairs

TYCA Northeast
Judith Angona

TYCA Southeast
Patricia Blaine

TYCA Midwest
Sheldon Wrice

TYCA Southwest
Michael Berberich

Carol Hammond

TYCA Pacific Northwest
Beth Camp

TYCA Pacific Coast
Sterling Warner

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