past World of Science Seminars

January 21:  Dr. Terry Eisinger
    "Lead Astray - History, Biochemistry, and Measurement of
Environmental Lead Disease"
February 18:  Dr. G. L. Miller
    "Robotics in Imagination and Robotics in Reality"
March 3:  Dr. Bela Julesz
    "Textons - Fundamental Elements of Vision"
March 31:  Dr. Doug Osheroff
    "Physics near Absolute Zero"
May 5:  Dr. Paul Flerry
    "Lasers and Spectroscopy"

January 19:  Kurt Nassau
    "Plates, Quakes, Volcanoes, and Mount St. Helens"
February 2:  Louis Manzione
    "Engineering Research and Telecommunications"
March 2:  Lynn Jelinske
    "Solving the Mystery of Macromolecules"
April 20:  Marty Feldman
    "Lasers, Computer Chips, and Funky Winkerbean"
May 18:  Max Mathews
    "Making Music with your Personal Computer"

January 18: Fred Grampp
    "Rotor Machines in Cryptography"
February 1:  Lou Manzione
    "Engineering Careers in High Technology"
March 1:   Russell Becker
    "The Tunneling Microscope"
March 28:  Tom Graedel
    "Corrosion Research at the Statue of Liberty"

January 17: Dr. Louis Lanzerotti
    "Physics at Long Distance: Physics in Outer Space"
February 17:  Robert Pike
    "How To Build Computers out of True and False"
March 7:  Dr. Suzanne Nagel
    "Fiber Optics in Communications"
March 28:  Dr. David Tank
    "How Neurons Work"

January 16: Dr. Robert C. Dynes
    "Superconductivity - What's All the Fuss About"
January 30:  Dr. Murray Gibson
    "The Social Behavior of Atoms on Foreign Soil: Electron Microscopy
of Deposited Layers"
February 27:  Dr. Walter Brown
    "Ion Beams & Materials Science: From Integrated Circuits to Hip
March 26:  Dr. Gerald Holzmann
    "On Image Processing and Digital Photography"

January 21: Dr. Alan Huang
    "Optical Digital Computing"
February 4: Drs. Bruce van Dover & Lynn Schneemeyer
    "Superconductivity:  What's Hot?"
February 25:  Dr. Pierre Hohenberg
    "Chaos and Predictability"
March 4:  Dr. Ron Graham
    "Searching for the Shortest Network"

January 20: Dr. Doug McIlroy
    "Bad Bytes:  The Fight Against Computer Infections"
February 3: Dr. Loren Pfeiffer
    "Growing the World's Best GaAs Crystals, or How to Give Those
Electrons Mobility"
February 24:  Dr. Jim West
    "The Sound Solution:   Acoustics Research at Bell Laboratories"
March 3:  Dr. Lou Lanzerotti
    "Our Amazing Solar System:  The Voyager Expedition"

January 19: Dr. George Wenger
    "CFC Alternatives:  Plugging the Ozone Hole to Save Our  Skin"
February 2: Dr. Robert Lucky
    "Bits and Pictures - Where Communications is Headed"
February 23:  Dr. Gary Bernstein
    "Watching the Birth of the Universe"
March 2:  Dr. Jon Bentley
    "The Traveling Salesman Problem:  Impossible, Easy or Both?"
March 23:  Dr. Christine Gerveshi and Dr. Joan Backenko
    "Silicon and Speech Recognition"and "Computer Speech"

January 18: Dr. Anthony Tyson
    "Dark Matter in the Universe:  Our First Images"
February 1: Dr. Amy Muller
    "Detective Stories in Analytical Chemistry"
February 22:  Dr. Gregory Blonder
    "Fiber to the Home:  What Does it Mean?"
March 7:  Dr. Anthony Johnson
    "Lasers and Ultrafast Optical Phenomena"
March 21:  Dr. Margaret Wright
    "You Can't Top This:  Using Mathematics to Find What's Best"

January 16:  Dr. Eric Betzig
    "A Magnifying Glass for the Twenty-first Century"
January 30:  Dr. Susan N. Coppersmith
    "What Do Theoretical Physicists Do?"
February 13:  Dr. Jorge L. Valdes
    "Electrochemistry for a Cleaner and Safer Environment"
February 27:  Dr. Henry S. Baird
    "Teaching Computers to Read: Optical Character Recognition"
March 6:  Dr. David W. Tank
    "Seeing the Brain in Action:  New Ways to Image Neurons and

January 29:  Dr. Robert W. Wilson
    "Future Wireless Communications"
February 26:  Dr. Paul Kolodner
    "The Physics of Patterns"
March 12:  Dr. Mark McCormack
    "Metallurgy: From Battle Swords to Electronic Components"
March 26:  Dr. Steve Levinson
    "Giving Computers Ears and Mouths"
April 16:  Dr. Ingrid Daubechies
    "What Do Mathematicians, Physicists and Engineers have in common?

January 21:  Messrs. A.E. Kaplan, S. Keshav, N.L. Schryer and J.H.
    "Networked Toys are Us"
February 4:  Ms. Patricia E. Parseghian
    "Cruising the Information Superhighway"
February 18:  Dr. Steve G. Grubb
    "Optical Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers, Powering the Information
March 4:  Dr. Gregory S. Boebinger
    "Physics at High Magnetic Fields"
March 18:  Dr. Richard A. Gottscho
    "Inside the Looking Glass"

January 20: Dr. S. Kicha Ganapathy
    "Virtual Reality: Past, Present and Future"
February 3: Dr. Amy J. Muller
    "Cyber-struck:  The Futures of Telecommunications"
February 17: Dr. Gerard J. Holzmann
     "Trains, Planes and Protocol Design"
March 2: Dr. Cynthia A. Volkert
    "How to Build a Computer Chip"
March 16: Dr. Louis J. Lanzerotti
    "Galileo Probe Measurements of  Jupiter's Atmosphere"

February 8:   Dr. Alice E. White
    "Optical Amplifiers: Revolutions in Optical Communications"
February 22:  Dr. Dennis M. Ritchie
    "What's Going on Inside My Computer"
March 8: Dr. Jim E. West
    "What's New in Multimedia Communications"
March 22: Dr. Joseph E. Griffith
    "Scanning Probe Microscopy: How to See Tiny Things with a Needle"
April 5:  Dr. Christine Podilchuk
    "Seeing Through the Eyes of a Computer"

February 7:    Dr. Mark R. Pinto
    "The Ever Amazing Transistor
     -- How Much  Smaller, Faster and Cheaper Can We Go?"
February 21:  Dr. Gordon A. Thomas
    "How a Light Beam Can Laugh"
March 7:  Dr. David J. Bishop
    "Can Silicon Micromachines Make It Big?"
March 21:  Dr. William L. Wilson
    "More Bytes for the Buck:  Advances in Optical Storage Technologies"
April 4:   Dr. Ingrid B. Carlbom
    "The Real World of Virtual Worlds"

February 6:   Bill Cheswick
    "The Internet: What It Looks Like, How It Works
               and How People Abuse It"
February 20:  Lloyd  Harriott
    "Why Chips Keep Getting Better, Faster, and Cheaper"
>March 6: Ralph Taylor-Smith
    "The Greening of Industry: Environmentally-Conscious Manufacturing"
March 27: Jane LeGrange
    "Flying Photons"
April 17: Tony Tyson
    "Dark Matter in the Universe"

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