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Enoki & Yuji Nito June 22
Do you know that Yuji Nito, the arcade owner, doesn't even like to play arcade games? The characters of Shenmue are very unique, thats why I spend time to put together larger Character Profiles for them. I know there hasn't been many Shenmue news lately, but very soon we will all get to see the box art for Shenmue II! Check back soon!

Shenmue + Sonic = ShenSonic June 21
What would happen if Sonic meet Shenmue? You would get some kinda crazy game! Thats exactly what did! He gave us a demo of his new RPG "ShenSonic", and it sure does look pretty! You too can download the demo Here. If you have problems downloading it for our main page, go directly to Sonic Finland, to get your hand on a copy!

More in debth profiles!!! June 20
Before I get into the main story, and want to apologize for some broken links. Yesterdays Theater Guide was broken, and so was the Shenmue Environments Page. But they are both fixed!

Now, for today, I have added even more in debth character bios in the Character Profiles. Send me a picture of any Shenmue I character and I'll write up a full profile!

All Theater Movies? June 19
You wouldn't believe how many people email me asking "How come I beat the game, but I still have blanks in the theatre section of the passport?" I usally tell them because Shenmue is unique, and every gamer expierences something different. But what if you want all the movies, but don't know how to find them? Then we've got you covered with our new Theater Guide! It tells you how to get all 40 movies, on which dates, and what timeing is required.

New Screens and Poll! June 18
I'm running low on ideas for a new poll, so this weeks poll has nothing to do with Shenmue, but it will be interesting to see the results. Also, Gamespot UK had some Shenmue II screens up a long time ago, most we already seen but I did find 3 ones new to me. They look like from the streets of Wan Chai. Check out the new pictures Here. Learn more about Wan Chai, and the other new locations Here.

What do you know about... June 17
Do you know how long Fuku-san has been living with the Hazuki's? Or why Nozomi is secretely in love with Ryo? Or even what style of martial arts Chai prefoms? These questions are answered along with many more in our new and improved Character Profile page! The first 14 characters have a complete biography along with a picture, height, weight, age, and Birth Date! This is very informative, you should read them! I would of made more, but I have to spend time with the old man, it is Fathers Day!

Direct Feed Format! June 16
Today, IGN got their hands on another trailer from E3 and GameJam 2001. It's the same movie as last week, but this time it's in direct feed format! It's a MPEG, so get to it Here!

Passport June 15
The passport disk is probably the best feature of Shenmue. It allows you to reply your favorite movies and tunes that add to the reply value of the game. But do have every movie? Wanna know more about the online features? Well, you're in luck! Check out our new, highly detailed, Passport Disk Section. It tells you everything you want to know!

Welcome to Shenmue Dojo v.3. June 14
Sorry for the lack of updates. To make a long story short, my modem broke, so I couldn't get online. Now I installed a new one, so everything is back to normal. Everything is normal except for this great new design! Even though I couldn't go online, I was still thinking of the Dojo! Version 3.0 uses the best of our past designs: Ver.1.5 and Ver.2.0, to make the best ever! Well, we missed the Monday Poll, but I'll make up for it with 2 Polls for this week!

Once I fix up all the pages, which might take a while, I will concern to all the die hard fans here! I'm going to make a DYK or a Did You Know? section! It will contain facts like, Nozomi's grandmother was tring to imagrate to the US, but got on the wrong ship that was going to Yokosuka. I have mor eon this story, but You'll have to wait until a couple more days!

New Shenmue I Cheats! June 11
Believe it or not Shenmue is still surprising us as we find new secrets! There is an easier way to get to Master Chen! We tell you how! Has anyone ever expierenced the "Disk 3 glitch"? Well, if you think your game has it, we can help! Check out the updated Cheats section for the answers!

Remember the good ole days? June 10
My good ole days was the first time I placed disk 1 of Shenmue into my Dreamcast console. I remember being in awe at the beauty of Dobuita, and the free range Ryo had. No everyone is all excited about Shenmue II, which they should be, but are forgetting about their first love, the original! To bring you back to your good ole days go look at some of our new Shenmue I Pictures! Long loive Shenmue!

Shenmue on other consoles? June 9
A year ago it was unheard of any Sega game being developed for a rival system, but now Sega is so bankrupt things are changing. Many people thought Shenmue is one of Sega's prized games and would never see it on a PS2. Now many big gaming sites like IGN and are suggesting that Shenmue will be on PS2 or the X Box! Is this good or bad? I guess it's your choice.

Other than that I have some news about our new Shenmue RPG! It will be completed by July 1st at the latest! The good guys at Sega Centauri will be making it. Our sister site "Sega Update" will also be finished very soon!

2 New Shenmue II movies! June 8
Yep, thats right! posted two new movies directly from Sega of Japan. Like the new screens a couple days ago, this is also form the GameJam event, but Sega held off until now! The first movie can be downloaded here and the second can be downloaded here! They include Ren, Ryo, Kou, Fanimi Kun, Joy and a new gang thats similar to the Mad Angels. And to anyone who doesn't believe that the Shenmue series will continue, Yu Suzuki said to that the series will continue until the 16th chapter is complete!

More details about September 6th June 7
I might of translated this and interperted it miscorrectly, but at Sega of Japan's website they talk about a disk included with Shenmue II to review because the story is of most importance. This sounds like some kind of extra CD that will play a little movie on what happened in chapter 1. Could it be a copy of "Shenmue The Movie" we heard about a couple months ago? Along with this little tidbit, I have four new pictures for you...

Japanese Relese Date set! June 6
At Sega's "Contents Strategy Conference" held in Tokyo today, Sega announced that Shenmue II will be released in Japan on September 6, 2001. An American Sales Representative said that the US version is still set for November, but no set date yet. This is probably Sega's last chance and their last big project so they are going to make it big! Along with the Japanese game disks, Sega is also include a demo disk of Virtua Fighter 4.

It's a slooow news week... June 5
It has been a slow week for Shenmue news, but you can try to make the best of it. Make the best of it by signing up for our every growing Forums and post in one of our 3 new forums! A forum for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have beebn added for your posting pleasure!

Do you know your QTE's? June 4
Do you know how the QTE's in Shenmue II will differ from the ones in the original? Actually there is several differences that you will find very interesting. Check out the updated QTE Section for the full details and some new pictures as examples. Also, it's Weekly Poll Monday! Make your voice heard and give us your opinion of Sega Update! If you don't know Sega Update is going to be our new Sister Site, get the full details by checking out the May 31st topic.

A Review of What Game??? June 2
First off, Creative Control made us another new banner of Lan Di, which is on our new randon image script. All four of the title banners will rotate each time you come visit us. I know this is a Shenmue fan site, but just recently purchased a copy of Crazy Taxi 2. Since our new sister site, Sega Update, needs all content can get I wrote a review for them. I should hold off, but this is a great new game just released twp days ago! Check out my review Here.

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