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Culture Bashing
  (social commentary)
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Those Three Little Words That I Hate to Say: Made in China

by Aaron Kendall

Little girls and boys wearing uniforms, walking around in unison, roasting wieners over a fire, waving sounds just like a Boy Scout troop and/or a Brownie troop. Right? Well, take another look and think again...if you take a look at the flag that they're waving, it's not the red, white, and blue. Oh,'s a Chinese flag of The People's Republic of China. And those ain't no wieners being roasted over a's a bunch of capitalist "pig-dogs", stuffed for dinner and ready to be served with pork-fried rice.

That's right,'s the merry Young Pioneers, China's young institution which seeks to further the cause of Communism. With merit badges like the Bullet Badge (where you learn to hand-craft the bullets that will kill your Western-loving bastard relatives), it's considered a great honor to belong to the Young Pioneers. These kids couldn't explain the philosophical principles of Communism if you promised each of them three metric tons of candy, but they sure support the cause!

And who's there to argue with any of them or argue against China enforcing such policies for its children? Why, nobody of course. In fact, by supplying China with a permanent trading status, the United States now financially supports them in their quest to squash the hopes of their independent-minded minority into the ground. I just hope that when they use the incoming flow of money from the West to riddle the bodies of protesters with bullets, they buy the right stuff that will make it less messy for the country's janitors to clean up.

Now, it was bad enough when the Western Hemisphere just let China have Hong Kong without so much as a derogatory slur. Something as simple as "you Commie bastards" would have sufficed. But, no, the Western Hemisphere just let Hong Kong drift into China's grasp like a child on a raft drifting toward the open mouth of a shark. I thought standing by and just watching someone get raped was bad enough...but when the United States government provided China with permanent trading status, it went the extra step and started to pay the rapist for a good show.

During the 1950's, sure, we had a lot of paranoia going around about Communists, and it got kinda ugly for a while...but I would have hoped that something like that would have just made people more careful with their aim. Instead, the leaders of this country have become as listless as living room coasters, throwing down their weapons and simply standing idly by as we're all about to get it up the "old Hershey highway" by China.

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