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 Build your own Doramus!   games 

    16/Jun/2001 - During the last edition of Salon del MSX, SaveR (savermsx@yahoo.com) presented his Doramus, a drum simulator for MSX similar to Konami's Beat Mania. Doramus requirements are a MSX Turbo-R computer with a hard disk and MoonSound. The drums can be plugged into the MSX using a controller card plugged on the joystick connector.

    SaveR made a website where he explains (in Spanish) how to build the drums for your MSX Turbo-R. Take a look at http://www.doliclargames.com/doramus/index.htm.

 MOAI-TECH 7 available   publications 

    16/Jun/2001 - The latest issue of MOAI-TECH is available. MOAI-TECH is an A5-format fancine.

    The price is 3 euro. You can buy it by contacting Manuel Dopico (MANUEL.DOPICO@terra.es), or by calling his phone number: (+34) 686 627 448.

 XIX Meeting of MSX   meetings 

    25/Apr/2001 - Remembers the date of the celebration of the XIX edition of the meeting of MSX.
    The elected date is the next Sunday 29 April of 2001.
    You have the whole information of the meeting here.

 Tilburg 2001   meetings 

 MadriSX 2001 pictures   meetings 

 More picture from the inside of the MIR space station   misc 

    25/Mar/2001 - We've found two high-quality pictures of the inside of the MIR station at http://spaceflight.nasa.gov, where the Sony HB-G900 can be seen very clearly. There are the pictures:

    As can be seen, there's no doubt it was an MSX2 computer. You can even read the VIDEOTIZER label on the G900's genlocker.

 First meeting of the AMMSX   meetings 

    1/Mar/2001 - The first meeting of the AMMSX (Asociacion Madrileņa del MSX, nothing to do with aamsx.org) will take place on March 3rd, 2001 in Madrid. This meeting is organized and promoted by Leonardo Padial (lpadial@teleline.es), and there will be two spaces available: exposition and talk. The meeting will last four hours, from 10:00 to 14:00. The admittance will be free for both visitors and expositors.

    The address is:

      Centro Cervantes
      C/Fenelon, 6
      28022 Madrid

    The place of the meeting is near the La Peineta stadium and Las Musas and Torre Arias subway stations.

    For more information, please contact Leonardo Padial (lpadial@teleline.es).

 MSX meeting in Madrid: MadriSX 2001   meetings 

    15/Feb/2001 - MSX Power Replay is the organizator of MadriSX 2001, a MSX user meeting in Madrid that takes place once a year. The next edition will be on March 10th, 2001. The address is:

      Estacion Chamartin
      HOtel Husa Chamartin
      Agustin de Foxa, S/N
      28036 Madrid

    For more information, registration and maps, please visit http://replay.msx.org or send email to replay@wanadoo.es.

 MSX Home Video   software 

    15/Feb/2001 - Italo Valerio has published two CDs containing a compilation of EVA videos, for MSX2+ and MSX Turbo-R: MSX Home Video. The first CD contains a total of 38 EVA files, adding up to 60 minutes of video, plus the installation of MSX Windows 2000 and AVI2EVA (for PC). The second CD contains 18 EVA videos and 10 full video clips. The interface of the CDs is nice and clean, featuring SCREEN 12 images:

    The CDs use Sergio Guerrero's EVAIDE for EVA replay using the IDE interface.

    More information available at Italo Valerio's site: http://members.fortunecity.com/italo_valerio/msxhv.htm.

 aamsx.org icon and banner   aamsx.org 

    9/Feb/2001 - Takashi Kobayashi of GIGAMIX has drawn a nice banner and icon of aamsx.org. Here they are:

    aamsx_banner.gif: 200x40 pixels (4154 bytes)

    aamsx_banner_s.gif: 88x31 pixels (1965 bytes)

    If you want to use the icon or the banner in your site, this is the code you should use:

    For the 88x31 icon:

    <a href="http://www.aamsx.org">
    <img src="http://www.aamsx.org/images/aamsx_banner_s.gif" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="aamsx.org">

    And for the 200x40 banner:

    <a href="http://www.aamsx.org">
    <img src="http://www.aamsx.org/images/aamsx_banner.gif" width="200" height="40" border="0" alt="aamsx.org">

    Of course, you can also download the images and use them from your own web site. In this case, just change the ...src="http://www.aamsx.org/images..." for the location of the image in your site.

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  • MSX Home Video
  • Internet access finally possible from MSX!
  • EVAIDE v0.09.1
  • FDISK for IDE 3.10 and BIOS 2.01 for IDE released
  • FAT16 for Sunrise IDE completed!
  • EVAIDE v0.08
  • New release of UZIX with PPP support
  • CP/M 3.0 binary and source for MSX
  • MSX Turbo Pascal 3.3f freely available
  • UZIX 0.1.6 for MSX1
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  • Updated: Sunrise for MSX
  • EVAIDE v0.06
  • UZIX 0.1.6 released
  • EVA player for IDE interface
  • MSXCas
  • GEM 0.5 released!

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  • Realms of Adventure
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  • Moskow 2024
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  • MadriSX 2001
  • XVIII Salon del MSX
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