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Top 10 Memorable Gaming Weapons
Looking to do some serious damage? Don't know which weapon will inflict the most pain? Hack and slash through GameSpy's Top 10 and we'll let you know which weapons will really put the hurt on your opponents!
By - Cary "CitizenC" Schwartzman

7. The Voodoo Doll From Blood

Not just a talisman anymore -- the Voodoo Doll from Blood was cool. There are NO words for how cool it is. It is just cool.

6. The Diabolical Dice From American McGee's Alice

Throw the dice -- you can be a winner or a loser in the blink of an eye. Baby needs a new pair of shoes! However, those shoes will be carried by a daemon that comes through a portal and starts to royally beat the crap out of anything that it sees.

5. The Piano Wire From Hitman Codename: 47

One of the most gratifying experiences in a game can be had in the sleeper of last year, Hitman -- Codename: 47. Hitman as a game was VERY realistic -- you had to sneak around, and be discreet, otherwise you were, in effect, screwed. Now, one of the unique weapons in Hitman was the piano wire -- a piece of wire held between two pieces of wood or metal. You'd sneak up behind somebody and throw it over their neck, and listen to them gasping for air as they collapsed at your feet.

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