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Welcome!  We're so glad you stopped by.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are a small group of pets dedicated to raising awareness and support of homeless dogs and cats.  

Our website features topics which address not only concerns related to homeless dogs and cats, but also those regarding dogs and cats in general.  Our site content is updated frequently, so be sure and check back often as there is always something of interest for everyone!

While you're here, be sure and visit "A Difference " if you're interested in how you can make a difference for homeless dogs and cats.  Or if you're looking to add to your family please consider adopting a shelter or rescue pet.  We currently feature over 100 homeless pets who could really use some extra love and help.  If you'd like to help but bringing a cat or dog into the family is out of the question, how about sponsoring a pet or a feral cat - it doesn't take much, there are no long term commitments or minimum donations and it can be a lot of fun!

While you're here, be sure and check out "Warm Fuzzies" - wonderful stories about rescued pets submitted by our visitors and "Tails" - stories and poems for animal lovers.  And if you are new to the Internet, please click here to read tips on meandering around our website.  

Without further delay, please do come in.  Pull up a comfortable chair or table top right there by the open window and catch the  scents and sounds of Summer while we visit.  We hope you'll stay and visit for a while -- we love to spending time watching lightning bugs with friends, old and new!

Heroes !

Each month we search the Internet, keep one ear to the ground and watch all we can see in search of our Hero for the month.  Sometimes that Hero is far away in places we have never visited and other times our Heroes are right here in everyday ordinary kinds of days made extraordinary by their presence.  Our Heroes this month are close, they are members of our shelter program - we are honoring Pet Guards Shelter, Dr. Osvald, and BullsEye, a VERY special kitty.  This is the remarkable story about the power of courage and love.  Pet Guards Shelter and Dr. Osvald understand the importance of making a difference and that each life is special and precious – two paws up for them!  And a very special hug and two paws up for BullsEye who is sure to win your heart and leave you with a smile…his story has only begun.

Click the arrow to read "Every One Important

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Here Kitty Kitty Contest!

Calling all kitties!!  During July our Featured Topic is about our cat friends and those morsels of food they simply cannot resist (you know the ones that mysteriously appear on the Guardian's grocery list).  Sorry pups, but everyone knows that a dog will eat just about anything while cats are much more particular about the food they eat.  So instead of our traditional article we've decided to have a contest in which kitties will have a chance to submit their four most favorite things to eat!  

To check out the contest details such as start and end dates as well as rules, please visit the Here Kitty Kitty Contest page....

There sure are some interesting grocery lists submitted by our kitty contestants....This is one contest you won't want to miss!  Due to the generosity and kindness of our friends you'll want to be sure and check out the prizes....

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Featured Site
Cats: A visit to 21Cats is a delightfully rich experience!  A non-profit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of all cats they have provided a great resource for feline information! Visiting this web site often will make you a virtual master in kitty care, with majors in medical diagnosis and treatment, cat-owner communication, behavior, and most important, fun!


Dogs: An excellent resource for dog owners new and old!!  This is a must read for anyone considering adding a dog to the family!  Learn all about the personalities and traits of hundreds of breeds.  They also offer a search option which matches a dog type in response to questions you answer.  There is an incredible amount of information and lots of great things to check out on this site - we've bookmarked it and bet you'll want to do the same!
We have teamed up with to bring you a great selection of books related to cats and dogs. You may view our featured titles by visiting our bookstore.  We will be adding to these often, be sure and check the page when you visit.

If you are looking for a particular book, consider using the Amazon Search Box to the right - a quick and easy way to find any book!

Search Now:
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Did you know?

Unlike dogs, in which physical characteristics have been suppressed or bred out to suit individual breeds for specific purposes such as endurance in sheepdogs or speed in greyhounds, cats retain  the same basic features of their skeletons across all breeds except for one or two oddities like the Manx and the Japanese Bobtail.  Again, compared with dogs, cats develop physically within a fairly restricted range from about 8 to 15 lbs. in the case of non-altered males and from 5.5 to 10 lbs. for females.  The average cat measures about 12 inches at the shoulder and about 31 inches from head to tail.  Putting it another way, all domesticated cats are basically the same shaped and cat sized, whereas dogs come in all shapes and sizes.
Source:  The Encyclopedia of The Cat, Michael Pollard 2001 )

A dog's scent organ (inside his nose) is about four times larger than a human's, and a dog's sense of smell is about 50 to 100 times more powerful than ours!
Source:  Drs. Foster and Smith - Pet Education


Cats: Free plans for building a giant mouse!!!  Does that sound heavenly or what?? provides the detailed plans and pictures for this cute playtime toy - you're cat will love to hide in the mouse or look out the hole watching for someone to bounce on!   While there be sure and check out the rest of their site which includes free postcards and wallpaper for your computer!

Free bandana from Crocodile Tears!  Great selection of bandanas and this is the perfect opportunity to test out their products!  Just print out the form, enclose $2.95 for shipping and handling and you'll receive a free bandana for your dog as well as a $3 coupon towards your next purchase!!!

There are not enough homes!  Please neuter your pets!

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