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CARFAC - Saskatchewan

CARFAC - Saskatchewan
- complete site design (Fall 2000)

Saskatchewan Cultural Industries Development Council

Saskatchewan Cultural Industries Development Council
- complete site design, animated banner (Summer 2000)

Sask Book Awards

Saskatchewan Book Awards
- complete site design (Summer and Fall 1999)

Purich Publishing
- complete site design, database and Internet consulting (November 1998)
- site updating, HTML & Internet training (October 1999)

'British Beef...in chains' video
- Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan

- Web page design, Quicktime and Real Video clips, brochure, mailing list development (November 1998)


Highland Publishing
- complete site design, on-line order form (October 1998)

Coteau Books
- complete site revision, on-line survey (Summer 1998)
- site maintenance (Spring 1999)
- site maintenance, search engine submissions (Fall 1999)

Sask Motion Picture Association

Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association
- consulting on page redesign and coding of Annual Report (June 1998)

Sask Publishers Group

Saskatchewan Publishers Group "Virtual Book Festival"
- total page design and maintenance (March 1997 - current)
- one day HTML and Internet training workshop (October 1999)

Saskatchewan Library Association
- page revision (March - June 1997)
- complete redesign and maintenance (Fall 2000 - current)

Jay's Personal Web Page
- links & lists, fun & fooling around (May 1998 - present)

* and of course the Head Tale Productions Gallery page that you're looking at now: http://www.dlcwest.com/~jhammond

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