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Computation, Computers, and Programs
An introduction to the fundamental
concepts of computer science

Computer Science Department
California Institute of Technology

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news homework

News: Archive of cs20 news. Check this page often for hints and/or corrections on homeworks, and other important announcements. Homework: Lists all homeworks and official due dates. All cs20 homeworks can be downloaded from this page in multiple formats.
tools references
Tools:Functions and program fragments that will help you with the programming assignments. References: Links to many more pages with tutorials and other information. In addition, supplementary notes are posted here.
People: Office hours and locations for instructor and teaching asistants. Also lists current cs20 students and people of historical interest. Policies: Information on grades, collaboration, computer accounts, and submitting homework. Read this!
A-Plus: Examples of exceptional student submissions. These submissions demonstrate good programming techniques. Course Notes: Lecture notes for the course which are intended to supplement your own lecture notes.

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