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Last updated Sun, Jul 23, 6:30pm EDT

2000 Tour de France Overall Standings

This Super Graph TM shows the the overall results as they change from stage to stage. It shows the current top 25 riders position. It shows not only each rider's place, but how close they are to the riders ahead of and behind them. The vertical line shows time the riders gained or lost over the last stage, and the shadowed area shows the margin back at any point in the Tour. Colors show teams, although more than one team may share a color.

The arrows on the end of the slider near the bottom right corner are particularly useful for this Super Graph. They step forward and backward a stage at a time. The vertical line shows any change as a result of today's stage. A horizontal dash means no change, a "T" shows improvement, and an upside-down "T" shows time lost. If Super Graphs are new to you, click here for an easy, 3-step explanation of how to understand them.

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