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Learn about the Nine-Act Structure:
Caveat Scriptor: an introduction to me and the Nine-Act Structure.
The Anatomy of a Screenplay is a good place to start.
The Two-Goal Structure my story structure paradigm.
The Nine-Act Structure is a refinement of the two-goal structure.
A Structural Analysis of Myst for game designers.
What people are saying about the Nine-Act Structure selected comments.

Reference Materials:

Dave's $100+ List my list of films that have grossed over $100M.
Siegel's Film Glossary. Nine-Act-Structure terms.
Bibliography. Not many screenwriting books are worth reading; a few are.
A tribute to Joseph Campbell.
Film plot analyses to study. I'll get these up pretty soon.

Information about me:

About my consulting services for game and film producers.
References My client list so far.
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I'm looking for things and people Nine-Act Structure want-ads.
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