Precision Strain Measurements


 Strain Gages
  Strain Gage Selection  (TN-505)
  Strain Gage Rosettes  (TN-515)
  Strain Gage Excitation Levels  (TN-502)
  Transverse Sensitivity Errors  (TN-509)
  Strain Gage Temperature Effects  (TN-504)
  Fatigue of Strain Gages  (TN-508)
  Strain Gage Misalignment Errors  (TN-511)

 Wheatstone Bridge
  Wheatstone Bridge Nonlinearity  (TN-507)
  Leadwire Attenuation Errors  ( Wall Chart )
  Shared Leadwires in Parallel Circuits  (TN-516)

 Strain Gage Instruments
  Noise Control in Measurements  (TN-501)
  Shunt Calibration  (TN-514)
  Digital Signal Processing ( microstrain )

  Bondable Temperature Sensors  (TN-506)
  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  (TN-513)
  Force & Torque Measurement  ( Notebook )
  Custom Transducer Design  ( Paper by C.C.Perry )
  Plane-Shear Measurements  (TN-512)
  Residual Stress Determination  (TN-503)
  Strain in Plastics and Composites ( Paper by C.C.Perry )
  Strain Gage Based Transducers (ISBN 0-9619057-0-0)
  Diaphragm Pressure Transducers  (TN-510)
  Assorted Technical Articles 

Interactive Guide to Strain Gage Technology
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