Charter for the Public Keen board

1. Purpose of the board
Discussion around the computer game Commander Keen.

2. The board's location
The Public Commander Keen Forum is at

3. Posting guidelines
3.1. What kind of posts are wanted?

  1. All kind of posts related to Commander Keen, for example requests for help playing the game and making it work, interesting details about the games, discussion about the fan-made games and tips for those making them, or funny games, polls and similar related to Commander Keen.
  2. Announcements about websites, fan-made games or other services dedicated to Commander Keen.
  3. Posts unrelated to Commander Keen are welcome in the Miscellaneous forum as long as they comply to the rules under section 3.3.

3.2. Where to post?
This board is divided into 7 forums, which group posts related to their topic:

Official Commander Keen Games
Discussion related to the official Keen games made by iD/Apogee/SoftDisk/FormGen, for example playing help, technical help or other details

Unofficial Commander Keen Games
Anything related to the new fan-made Commander Keen games.

Other Keen Stuff
Anything else, as long as it is related to Keen.

Discuss whatever you want, as long as it complies to the rules.

Miscellaneous Polls
To avoid clutter, posts using the ezboard "poll" feature, but not related to Keen, should be posted here instead of in the Miscellaneous forum.

The Classic
Discussion related to classic computer or console games.

Messages posted in the wrong forum will be moved to the appropriate one by the moderators.

3.3. What kind of posts are unwanted?

  1. Posts offending persons or institutions. You're allowed to disagree with somebody, but that's no reason to call that person an idiot.
  2. Flame wars.
  3. Posts with no point at all, for example "Tomorrow is my idiot sister's birthday" or "HA! HA! HA!"
  4. Trolling, that is, posting a message with the sole intent of provoking a fierce reaction.
  5. Spam, advertising for commercial products, publicity for X-rated sites or make money fast programs.
  6. Messages requesting for someone's banishment to be lifted. If you think someone has been banned on incorrect premises, contact an administrator
  7. Argueing with oneself under different pseudonyms.
  8. Messages posted in ALL CAPS.
  9. Spamming the board with lots of messages violating the rules is looked at very strictly
  10. Posts threatening or inviting to break the rules.
  11. Any other bad behaviour.

4. What if someone violates the rules?
Administrators and moderators may, at any time, delete or close messages that violate the above rules.

A person violating the rules will receive a warning, sent to the e-mail address that person has registered. Note that further action may be taken even if the person in question denies having received the warning. If the abuse continues, the following actions may be taken:

  1. Public reprimands.
  2. Removal of the user's posting privileges for a limited time.
  3. In severe cases, permanent exclusion from the forum. (see section 5)
  4. Reporting the countervenant to his/her ISP.

Note that anyone can temporarily lose their posting privileges without warning if the administrators believe that they may cause damage to the board.

5. Other points
Neil McRae is banned from this message board for perpetuity.

6. The board's administration
This board is owned by Cerebral Cortex 314, the #1 Commander Keen site.
The current board administrators are, in alphabetic order:
Cho'gall    Thea

Some of the members are moderators, thus being able to control the content of posted messages:

At the present time, these members are moderators:
Flaose    Snortimer

7. Commander Keen says
"Please have a nice time on the Commander Keen board!"

TIf you have propositions for changes to this charter, please email them to