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This site includes information about both feral and domesticated cats, with an emphasis on feral cat rescue. Enjoy your visit!

cat face feral cat:   A cat that is domesticated but has been abandoned, lost or neglected and forced to survive on his/her own is a stray. The offspring of these stray cats develop a natural fear of people and become "wild." The wild offspring are known as feral. These cats form groups known as colonies.

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Please Note: I am not a veterinarian. All advice offered is based on years of personal experience. The colony featured on this site is just one of the many feral cat colonies I've worked with.


Rescue A Feral Cat!
There are millions of feral cats in need of loving homes. Feral cats are almost always euthanized at shelters because they are not given the chance to learn to trust people. Shelters are overcrowded and the staff does not have the time it takes to work with these cats. Many cat rescue groups will not even help feral cats because they consider them unadoptable. If you have the time and patience to devote to one of these cats, let your local shelter/rescue group know!

Be Part Of The Solution...
Spay/Neuter & Adopt!

Charlie Rescue - Don't Breed!

There are already too many.
Charlie and his mother, sister, and two brothers were rescued. They were lucky. Many are not.

Introducing A New Cat To Your Other Cats Is Not As Hard As You Might Think....
"I was having a terrible time, as I had just adopted Mittens, my shelter kitty. Patches, the resident kitty was being a real pain to her and I was really worried about every little thing that happened. Many times a day I would email Shell and ask her advice or need a shoulder to cry on. It seemed everything was going wrong and my girls were never going to get along. She supported me 100% and never got upset with my questions. She was patient and supportive and with her help, I got through the tough time of getting two females to, if not like each other, at least tolerate each other. Thanks again, Shell."

It was my pleasure, Toni! To meet Toni's cats, visit her web site The Calico Girls.

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DO NOT attempt to trap or handle a stray/feral cat without seeking advice from an experienced rescuer. Injury can be caused to you and/or the cat.

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