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 UZIX 2.0 available!   software 

    29/Aug/2001 - UZIX is a UNIX clone for MSX computers, supporting mostly all of the functionality of AT&T;'s UNIX 7.0. Now, Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha has released UZIX 2.0. Without doubt, the biggest update until now. Take a seat and read the list of new features of UZIX 2.0:

    • Direct access to floppy drive on MSX Turbo-R: faster access and no disk problems.
    • Kernel support for RS232 interfaces (serial lines can be used as normal devices now, allowing for access from a shell).
    • Sunrise/ACCNET RS232 support. Now everybody can access Internet from their MSX!
    • Dynamic memory allocation for processes, improving memory usage.
    • Virtual terminals. Using GRAPH and F1-F3 you can use up to three virtual terminals on UZIX!

    This was just about the kernel. But the applications have been updated too:

    • C compiler (finally!). Now it is possible to compile programs for UZIX from CP/M, MSX-DOS, MS-DOS and Linux. The compiler, libraries and documentation are available for download.
    • FudeBrowZer 1.2. New version of FudeBrowZer supporting dynamic WILD server selection.
    • Extra applications for UZIX 2.0: PMARC/PMEXT, XARJ, UNPMA, MED (ASCII's text editor, Microsoft BASIC and Microsoft Multiplan.

    UZIX 2.0 can be downloaded from Be sure to check the documentation there!

 Nemesis Informatica Ltda. make its software freely available   software 

    23/Aug/2001 - Nemesis Informatica Ltda. is a Brazilian software company that developed lots of software for MSX between 1986 and 1993. Now they've made their programs available for download in their website. There are a few games and lots of applications.

    The files can be accessed from:

 More books online   misc 

 MSX book online   misc 

    19/Aug/2001 - Alexandre Antoniutti Passos has scanned the book Programação Avançada em MSX, a Brazilian book about MSX programming in assembly.

    The book is written in Portuguese, and can be downloaded from Please note that this book is 161 pages long, and each page has been scanned as a high-quality .JPG file (around 150Kb each page), so the download will take some time...

 Game review: KPI Ball   games 

    15/Aug/2001 - A new game review is online: KPI Ball from the spanish group boh.ken. Go take a look at it: rev_kpiball.php.

 MSX1 demo wins competition at Assembly 2001   software 

    13/Aug/2001 - The finnish demo group Bandwagon ( has won the oldskool demo competition at Assembly 2001, probably the most important demo competition around the world. The demo is called Riyadh and it is designed to run on an MSX(1) machine with a disk drive.

    riyadh1.jpg riyadh2.jpg
    riyadh3.jpg riyadh4.jpg

    The demo features great PSG music, pseudo-3D rotations, lots of sprites moving on the screen and also a character-based animation sequence.

    The demo is available here for download: bw-riya2.lzh (62Kb).

    The previously released file (bw-riyad.lzh) contained CRC errors, so please download this new archive if you downloaded the old one.

    For more information:

 EPROM/Flash burner by Leonardo Padial   hardware 

    7/Aug/2001 - Leonardo Padial told us about his latest development: a EPROM/Flash burner. The name of this device is SPACE1, and it's a tool for burning and testing any kind of memories, and also other devices like PLDs and GALs. It can be programmed through a RS232 cable. And yes, it can be used from an MSX computer.

    sg1-t.jpg sg2-t.jpg

    Some of its features are:
    • External power supply.
    • Works with 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V memories.
    • On-board display for checksums, addresses, sector and data.
    • Keyboard connector for complex edition.
    • RS232 port.
    • 8 and 16 bit data.
    • Burns memories up to 128MBytes/1GBytes (depends on an adaption module).
    • 512Kb onboard Flash memory for resident programming/testing algorithms.

    The price is approximately 365 euro. For more information, please contact Leonardo Padial.

 FudeBrowZer v1.1 released   software 

    2/Aug/2001 - Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha has released a new version of FudeBrowZer (a web browser for MSX, running on UZIX, for these of you who didn't know). This new version breaks the 16Kb limit for the viewed page, adds Japanese support (KanjiROM is required) and improves table support. Also, some bugs have been fixed in the client.

    Users of FudeBrowZer v1.0 must upgrade to version 1.1, because the proxyservers have been updated too.

    More information available in UZIX's web site:

 MSX Denyu Land 2001   meetings 

    31/Jul/2001 - This year's MSX Denyu Land will be held the 22nd and 23rd of september (two days: saturday and sunday), in the usual location: the Hirose Honsha Building in Akihabara's main street (Tokyo), in front of JR Akihabara station. This year the number of atendees is expected to be even higher than in 1999's edition, when more than 2000 users visited the fair. 2001's edition will be held in the first floor of the building, completely open to the crowds that visit Akihabara on weekends. As in past editions, entrance is free for visitors (only expositors have to pay a fee).

    If you want to help promoting this event, you can use this banner and icon:

    200x40 pixels, PNG, 4Kb

    88x31 pixels, PNG, 2Kb

    For more information, please visit MSX Denyu Land 2001 official site:

 New IDE interface for MSX   hardware 

    29/Jul/2001 - Ademir Carchano has developed a new IDE interface for MSX. This new interface is a very small board containing only two chips. All the implementation has been done using FPGA technology, so hardware updates can be done by reprogramming the FPGA chip without the need to remove or add components. This interface features a jumper to configure it as a master or slave, allowing up to two interfaces in one MSX computer, each one with two IDE devices (up to four IDE devices in total). The cartridge includes a 128Kb FlashROM containing MSX-DOS2 and the IDE BIOS.

    The price of this IDE cartridge is around 86 euro. For more information, please visit Ademir's web site:

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