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9/8/01 FreeDOS Beta 7 ("SPEARS") Distribution is now available on ibiblio. Please read the readme files as they may contain important information that should be read before downloading/installing FreeDOS.

Rene release of XCOPY 1.0
posted Sep 20 2001 by jhall

I have posted a suggested replacement of the XCOPY program, which has been submitted by René Ableidinger. You'll find it here on the FreeDOS archive at ibiblio. This version of XCOPY is *not* the official version by Joe (which is part of the latest FreeDOS distribution.) This is a new version written by René Ableidinger and is an unofficial version. Discussion about the two versions of XCOPY should be posted to the FreeDOS mailing list.

FreeDOS web site redesign
posted Sep 20 2001 by jhall

Yes, the FreeDOS web site redesign has finally started to happen! I've updated all the index.html files, plus a few other pages that get hit a lot. The CGI-generated pages have not yet been updated, but that is coming soon. In the meantime, if you find that any of the redesigned pages have bad links, please email me. Also: the new design should allow mirror sites to put the mirror anywhere in their doc root, not just on '/freedos'. So if you have problems posting the redesigned site elsewhere in your doc root, let me know. Thanks!
Update: I just refreshed the mirror.tar.gz ahead of schedule, so you can download this and get the redesign on your site to try it out.

ESSoft-GUI for DOS
posted Sep 17 2001 by jhall

A new GUI for DOS has hit the scene. From their web site: Welcome to the official web site of ESSoft. We currently offer many free applications for DOS, including our graphical user interface for DOS ESSoft-GUI . As well as our DOS software, ESSoft is also currently working on some Microsoft Windows software which could be released soon, and perhaps in the near future we may release some software for GNU/Linux. Looks like screenshots aren't available yet, but should be soon. ESSoft-GUI is also soon to be under the GNU GPL software licence.

Using DR-DOS FAT32 in FreeDOS?
posted Sep 17 2001 by jhall

Recently, a user sent me this note about adding FAT32 support to FreeDOS using the drfat32 program from DR-DOS. Although the FreeDOS kernel is adding FAT32 support directly, I thought I would make this note available as a technote, anyway. So if you already own a copy of DR-DOS in addition to FreeDOS, this may be something you could look at to read your FAT32 partitions from within FreeDOS. Technote146

FreeDOS wins New Cyber Tech Award
posted Sep 17 2001 by jhall

New Cyber Tech AwardFreeDOS has won a web design award: New Cyber Tech is the place to visit for all of your free web development tools needs. New Cyber Tech has searched the entire web to find all the best free web development tools out there. New Cyber Tech has done all of the work for you. New Cyber Tech has spent countless hours searching the world wide web for all the best free web development tools that the entire web has to offer. Click on the image at right to see our award.

FreeDOS web site redesign (update)
posted Sep 16 2001 by jhall

Thanks, everyone, for the great feedback on the FreeDOS web site. Unfortunately, this wasn't the best week to work on the redesign, as it turns out. However, I am trying to keep things moving. I am trying to tweak one or two final things before I put this live. Expect the redesign to go up within a few days. If things seem a little broken on the redesign in the meantime, it probably means I'm working on something.

FreeDOS Help - updated
posted Sep 16 2001 by jhall

Will Lewis has relocated his FreeDOS help web page. If you need help with FreeDOS, Will has volunteered to answer email queries. Will writes: The new site is here and the new e-mail is I have also updated the Help page on the FreeDOS web site.

FreeDOS success story
posted Sep 16 2001 by jhall

Sven wrote to tell me about his recent success with FreeDOS: thank you for starting and keeping alive the FreeDOS project. The OS works great on a 486 beside FreeBSD and I even got it booted on my Nokia 9110i cell-phone! :) Unfortunately there's no useful ax.25 software for Linux, so I remembered one I used under M$-DOS 10 yrs ago. Thanks to bad luck, my old M$-DOS disk were broken. Then google guided me to FreeDOS.
Update: Sven adds: with the 9110i (photo) the user is able to upload files to the phone. This can be pictures, texts, operating systems or ring tones. The 9110i runs an embedded DOS from ROM and starts the user interface called GEOS from an autoexec.bat. That autoexec.bat is also stored on ROM but has a nice feature. Nokia included the possibility to run other stuff [instead of,before] GEOS. For using this an install.bat has to be stored in the B:\NOKIA\ directory of the cell-phone. In this case it will start a instead of GEOS. [...] Using DOS on the communicator is quite terrible caused by a 640x200 display with really small letters. Next thing I wanna try is to run a Linux with loadlin on that phone. [...] FreeDOS is more than an alternative DOS. The attached ax.25 hardware sends out signals to the air at 9k6 so it's better to have at least a 38k4 connection between the ax.25 hardware and your computer using a serial line. Serial connections with M$-DOS are limited to 19k2. At this point I'm really glad the M$-DOS disks were broken, as FreeDOS supports serial connections of up to 115k2. Photos of the Nokia 9110i running FreeDOS are available here.

System Config Editor 1.0 (0913)
posted Sep 16 2001 by jhall

tonebone writes: I am announcing for all interested parties the release of System Config Editor 1.0 Build 0913. Features: * Help hints on command line for each function * Automatically loads if found CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT and MS Windows configuration files, i.e., WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI, PROTOCOL.INI * Defaults to creating a backup copy of the edited files, can be switched off using the /B command-line option * You can force display options, i.e., Black and White, Monochrome.

Watcom C/C++ is available
posted Sep 16 2001 by jhall

It's been reported from several places: an unofficial version of Watcom C/C++ version 11 (and Fortran) is available! Go to, Download, Browse FTP Site and voila in the folder ZIP's is all!! [...] Judging from the openwatcom newsgroup: - this is a pre-BETA 11.0c binary patch release. - it is assumed that you already have Watcom 11.0/a/b. - that said, it you don't have such an earlier version, you can still download this and use it to produce 16-bit DOS applications. You can also produce 32-bit DPMI applications if you get DOS4GW.EXE 1.97 or Causeway seperately.

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