G-REVS2 (Gamers Requesting and English Version of Shenmue II)


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To:  AM2 of CRI

Dear Gamers,

The organization that has been started is entitled G-REVS2 (Gamers Requesting an English Version of Shenmue 2). Please join this if you are a fan of Shenmue or Sega and if you want AM2 to make the right decision about Shenmue II's US and European release.

The game company AM2 of CRI (Virtua Fighter, Shenmue) has decided to release Shenmue II in the US with Japanese voices instead of the original's English voices.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of US and British Shenmue fans were dreaming of Shenmue II in English. We don't want to read subtitles throughout the game. And we don't want Ryo Hazuki to board a boat for Hong Kong speaking English and then getting off speaking Japanese. Part of the reality of the game is that you don't have to read what others are saying to you... that would be broken if we did not have an English version.

Our proposition is for AM2 to re-release Shenmue II in English on the Dreamcast after the 1st US release (in Japanese) and then spread it to other systems if possible. There would be 2 games on the shelves:

Shenmue II
Shenmue II (English Version)

We are fighting for the perfection of a story that we all have loved. We are fighting for a perfect ending for the unfortunately dying system. Let's leave the DC with a great game for the whole world to enjoy!

Please sign this petition, for all Shenmue and Sega fans to speak to Sega about thier needs.


The Undersigned

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