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Shenmue II:

Japan Sep 6th 2001
USADec 4th 2001

Until the US release of Shenmue II!

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Japanese Sales Figures Sep 24
Shenmue II went through a lengthy marketing campaign, two years of anticipation, and almost five years of development costing several billion yen(Several million USdollars). But the Japanese sales were very disappointing. It sold 92,917 copies in the first week ranking a mere #2. The original is sold over 300,000 copies, but Sega doesn't expect to even sell half that with the sequel. If sales don't pick up in the US and Europe, Sega will have to stop production of the series. So you must Buy!

Also CreativeControl was very busy by making a new comic for the Shenmue Humor page, and he made a beautiful new wallpaper of Shenhua in the Hong Kong forest.

Rare Toys Guide Sep 23
Today's new Guide is almost an addition to Friday's. We told you to collect the rare toys to earn a lot of money in Shenmue II, but where do you find them? Thats why the Rare Toy Guide is right for you. It tells you where to find or how to win the rarest toys in the game!

Read all about it! Sep 21
Fory is getting even closer to finishing the Shenmue script, by adding parts 9 and 10 to the Shenmue Script! Next how are you preparing for Shenmue II? Do you know what to save to your VMU? Or what to collect? If you don't our newest guide, How to get Ready for Shenmue II is right for you! Then be sure to check out the Shenmue Dojo contest by visiting the Dojo Forums.

Birthday Contest Sep 20
Shenmue Dojo's one year anniversary is comming soon. On November 7th, we will officially be one year old! Started slow, but we are now gowing strong by becomming the largest Shenmue Fan Site! I think our new motto should be "The Shenmue Spirt", I really believe that Shenmue Dojo has kept your interest in Shenmue! I know we have inspired many Shenmue fans to create Shenmue websites and keep the Shenmue spirt alive! And to celebrate and thank all out 60,000 unique visitors by throwing a contest! The rules are simple, if you're interested in winning a FREE Dreamcast game check out the Dojo Forums!

More Saturn Pictures Sep 19
These new Shenmue Saturn version pictures contain all your favorite characters. Iwao, Ryo, Chai, GuiZangh, Ren, Ling Sha Hua, and more. So I guess Shenmue I and II was made on the Saturn, just not released. These 10 new pictures are better quality, and all credit goes to SwirlVision.

Shenmue on Saturn! Sep 18
Those of you who imported Shenmue II know this, but after you complete the game you get to see some very early movies. How old? Well it's footage from the Sega Saturn! If you don't have the import and want to check them out we have 10 Screens! Credit goes to SwirlVision. There is a huge greaphic difference, but I wouldn't mind it ont he Saturn. If you notice some screens are from Shenmue I and some are from Shenmue II!

Shenmue II Artwork Sep 17
Creative Control found some gorgeous Shenmue art work painted by a Japanese fan, you too can look at them in the Shenmue Picture Archive. They are very large files about 100KB each, and if you can't find them. they are the last four. After that, be sure to check out the ever growing Dojo Forums.

Shenmue II Manga Sep 16
If you didn't read CreativeControl's first Shenmue Manga you should check it out now! It's very clever and funny! Today we have the sequel that also takes place in Hong Kong, but best of all it's in color! Click Here for the part 2.

Shenmue T-Shirts Sep 15
Is anyone else getting jealous of Japanese gamers? Now is having a contest to win free Shenmue T-Shirts. Look at the pictures below. Also I have heard many rumors that the PAL version of Shenmue II will come out on Novemer 30th, a couple days earlier than the US release on December 4th. There is a larger gaming audience in the US so will the US release move up also? Well, we can always hope. To find out more details on this story Check out the Forums!

Shenmue II Launch Pictures Sep 14
Well the Japanese version of Shenmue II has been out for over a week, we have the some launch pictures. These five mini shots show Suzuki and some voice actors. Lucky Japanese gamers got to get autographs and talk to the actors.

Shenmue II Delayed? Sep 13
Shenmue II to be delayed? I highly doubt it. As you all know, due to the tradgic events that happened in New York on Teusday all planes have stopped flying. This means all games supposed to come out next week will be delayed. But if Sega is going to surprise us with a early release (like many believe, or hope) these plans will have to be delayed also.

Shenmue II Provides answers Sep 13
Shenmue II provides many unanswered questions, but may it tell us the true meaning of Shenmue? send me an email, the following are his exact words...

In Chinese Shenmue reads "a tree called shen" which is the exact meaning I think. (Or the physical meaning. I don't know how Japanese charcters may hid some other meaing). Actually it's the tree in front of Shenhua's house. The big tree has flowers of purple and peach color. Both Ryo and Shenhua thinks that the tree has its spirit. And that's ALL. My one is definitely right because it appears in Shenmue II. And also Shenmue is really traslated from original Chinese words into Japanese characters then into English. In Chinese it's sounds like "shamu."

Poll and a Great Movie Aug 16
First off new Poll to check out. It deals with importing Shenmue II. Now to the main story, "MasterAkumaMatata" from the Dojo Forums has found something quite interesting.

A link to a 1:17 long DivX movie file (720x480, 29.97 fps, 138KB/s) of Sha Hua speaking with somewhat of a different translated sub. The file is only 10,876,428 bytes (10.4MB). This is the clearest Shenmue movie file I've found from the web so far. It is very clear with near DVD quality reception!

Briefly someone told me that in this weeks issue of NextGen magazine they had a short interview with Yu Suzuki. He said that you can expect to see Shenmue III on the PS2. Well VF4 is going so why wouldn't Shenmue? Will it be exclusivly to PS2, is this even legit? I don't know, but stay tuned to Shenmue Dojo for anymore details.

HUGE Shenmue II Update Sep 9
You know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Well, we have 20 new Shenmue II Pictures with amazing detail! Now we have over 200 images in our Picture Archives!

What to know more about Shenmue II? You're questions you have asked me are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions. It has been completely updated with many new question! Also we have a new section dedicated twords Shenmue II Guides There you can find the Ultimate Preview Guide, and an Import Walkthrough written my friend from The Shenmue Fan Site. If you don't find what your looking for, you can probably find the answers in The Dojo Forums!

And last, but not least, we have some more movies added to our Shenmue II Movie Archives. Here you can find new ones of Ryo getting off the ship, to extrememly old and rare movies! Hopefully this will calm your Shenmue craving! ;)

lol...Shenmue Humor! Sep 8
If you're a true Shenmue fan you will really enjoy the Shenmue Manga CreativeControl made! It is very funny, but contains some mild language. It is worth reading! So what are you waiting for, Read The Shenmue Manga!

I was going to give you a huge Shenmue II update today, but that comic is very good! You can expect Images, impressions and a lot more tomorrow!

Site Map and More Mue2! Sep 7
To help you navigate through our ever growing Dojom I have made a Site Map. This is why i need to hire Phil, he will help with this enormous site! Anyway if you want to learn more about Shenmue II, I suggest you go visit The Forums! You can learn about the game from people who have the import, and learn a lot about it. Expect an updated FAQ very soon!

New Staffer Sep 7
Hi, my name is Phil some of you may know me as XziBitSan or Ph3n1x i will be Co-WebMaster wich means that i will help Andy(WebMaster) fix some problems since as you may have noticed Shenmue Dojo is becoming a bigger and bigger website everyday. So basicly what i will do on Shenmue Dojo is fixing errors... writting news..making pictures...and stuff like that. When Andy is not online but you would wish to contact him you can contact me at:

Shenmue II is here!!! Sep 6
Japanese gamers have finally got the game they have waited so long for. We do not want to give any spolilers, but we will tell you as much as possible. You will thank us for this! First off, there is a new cover for the Japanese version. The front and back can bee seen below. Click to inlarge.

"Sega of America today confirmed that the dialog in the US version of Shenmue II, the highly anticipated sequel to last year's top-selling masterpiece 'Shenmue,' will be entirely in Japanese with English subtitles. The decision comes in an effort to maintain the overall theme and authenticity of the title, and is in response to numerous consumer requests following the release of 'Shenmue,' which was in English for the US market. Shenmue II will hit U.S. retail store shelves Fall 2001."

This quote was taken from a Sega of North America meeting. They also say that English voices were added, but Yu Suzuki decided to remove them. This is the cause of the delay. He said US gamers don't want English voices. What is this about? Look at all the signatures we got in out Petition. Also we will not get Shenmue II in December but earlier, Sega stated Fall.

Some minor, NON-SPOILER details. Characters still fade in and out, but it is a lot less notible. Also there is a minor slow down. This is a lot less so you may not even notice. And contrary to the rumors, the characters voices are not "squeaky". Thats it for now, tomorrow we will bring you even more details!

The Making of Shenmue & Script Sep 5
Did you ever wonder how AM2 made Shenmue look so realistic? Well we have the answers you're looking for. From how they got Ryo to dial a phone number to preforming a "Darkside Hazuki", it's all at the new Making of Shenmue page. It's worth checking out. Also the Shenmue Script was updated with part seven and eight. I know this is stuff from Shenmue I and Shenmue II is almost here, but we are "Your complete Shenmue Coverage" and we want to delever you as much exclusive info as we can!

Shenmue II comes out in one day! Be prepared! Don't worry we will have no spoilers, or if we do, they will be marked ahead of time.

The "How" and "Where" to importing Sep 4
Shenmue II will hit Japanese stores in only 2 days! So can you wait another 3 months? If you can't it's going to cost you. No matter where you go it will cost you $68.00, this is a Limited Edition of 6 disks! The normal game will span 4 disks. I suggest getting a copy from NCSX, just because you are guarenteed a limited edition. The Japanese limited edition contains a Virtua Fighter 4 demo, and possibly something else.

Or, you can go to our Online Store and pre-order the US version. It will only cost you $39.99, and if Sega releases a Limited edition in the US, you are guarenteed to get it! Also, if you are a IGNInsider they have something special for you today! I am not, but I would assume it would tell you about the all the New Features. If you are an insider please give me an e-mail and tell me all about it. Thanks.

Shenmue II Reviewed Sep 3
Famitsu, Japan's largest gaming magazine/website has just reviewed Shenmue II. Each of the four reviewers gave Shenmue II a decent score of 8. Where's the 10's? Sorry the reviews at Famitsu don't tell you anything about the story or gameplay, but thats how it's supposed to be. Also, give us your choice if Shenmue should be dubbed or not in out Weekly Poll.

We can do something! Sep 2
A lot of people, expecially people in our Forums are very angry at Sega's decision to not have Shenmue 2 English dubbed. We will get it but all voices in the game will be in Japanese. Imagine Goro without his goofy voice! Shenmue won't be the same without it. Sega just doesn't have the time or money, but there may be something we can do! If we get enough people to sign this Petition Sega might chnage their minds. If you really want English voices in YuSuzuki's next masterpiece sign the Petition!

The ironic thing about this is Yu Suzuki relesed "US Shenmue" in Japan because he personally liked the English voices. I have never doubted Sega in the past, so we may get our way! But to be safe, sign the Petition!

Shenmue II Commercials ` NOW WORKING Sep 1
*I'm sorry that these didn't work yesterday, but they will work perfectly for you now! Thanks for your cooperation!*

Japanese gamers will get to play Shenmue II in less than a week, so the commercials are already airing. You may not get to play the game but you can watch the commercials:

  • Commercial #1, 15 seconds -320x340 / 1.13MB
  • Commercial #2, 15 seconds -320x240 / 1.14MB
  • Commercial #3, 15 seconds -320x240 / 1.14MB On September 6th, Japanese gamers can purchase Shenmue II for 7800 Yen, and there will be 3 game guides also. They will range from 1,100 Yen - 1,200 Yen. Thats it for now, stay tuned to Shenmue Dojo for all the latest Shenmue news!

    Why Sega? Why? Aug 30
    Well, the Japanese version of Shenmue II is turning out great, full voices and a release in less than 10 days, but it's much different for us. Shenmue will come out December 4th in the US and Early 2002 for Europe. But worst of all, it will NOT have english voices, only Japanese. Come on Sega you have 3 months before the US release... give us voices! :(

    If you're getting sick of waiting, and don't like this new information, we will give you full details of how and where to import it as soon as we get more info.

    Multiplatform Shenmue Aug 29
    We don't know much about Shenmue 3. Well actually all we know is it's not going to be on the Dreamcast. So where will you probably be able to play it? Well go read the Weekly Article to read the full story.

    Fall Brings... Aug 27
    Fall of 2001 will bring many great things like Shenmue, GameCube, and the Xbox, but it also brings the return of school. So starting today updates will be every other day instead of every day. I will try to continue updating daily but I can nt guarentee anything. Anyway it is Monday so go take the Weekly Poll!

    Shenmue II Characters Revealed Aug 26
    We have a big update for you today! The Shenmue II Characters page has a been completely updated. It turns out Ren is the leader of a gang, called the Heavens with... To find out all the information go Check it out!

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