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Pokémon Crystal
Pokémon Crystal
Game Boy Color



Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc.

about the game

Delve into the mysterious world of Pokémon Crystal! Although this unique companion to Pokémon Gold and Silver shares many of the exciting adventures and challenges of its predecessors, a host of new changes, both big and small, add up to a brand-new experience. Here are a few of the many new features you'll find in Pokémon Crystal:

ˇ For the first time, you can play as a boy or a girl aspiring to Pokémon mastery. Each comes with a distinctive Poké Pack and PokéGear and even receives different phone calls.

ˇ If you're an experienced player, you'll be eager to strike out for the all-new Battle Tower near Olivine City. Here you can take on waves of Pokémon Trainers, each with teams of Pokémon set at specific levels. You can win valuable items -- but first you'll have to prove...

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... your battling skill!

ˇ Locations and frequencies of wild Pokémon have changed greatly from Gold and Silver. You'll also notice subtle changes in level-up abilities for some Pokémon, especially Suicune.

ˇ Hot new radio personality Buena gives you the chance to collect great items - but you'll have to drop by the Radio Tower nightly.

ˇ If you register another Trainer's phone number, they just might call and offer you a rare stone.

ˇ Your knowledge of Pokémon is put to the test in Blackthorn City, where Gym Leader Clair sends you to the Dragon's Den to take the Trainer Challenge. Answer questions about Pokémon correctly to earn the Rising Badge.

ˇ In the Tin Tower, just north of Ecruteak City, you'll encounter the Wise Trio standing sentinel over a Suicune. After this group of elders tells you of a mystical Clear Bell and the legend of the area's two towers, they'll test you in a Pokémon battle. Trounce the trio for a rare chance to capture the very rare Pokémon they're guarding and meet Eusine, an elusive Pokémon Trainer with a most unusual interest in Suicune.

ˇ Other new characters include the Poké Seer, who can tell you where and when you obtained a Pokémon in Crystal Version and how happy it is, and the Move Tutor, who appears outside the Game Corner in Goldenrod City after you've squared off against Red in Mt. Silver. The Move Tutor can teach very cool abilities, but he charges a very steep price!

ˇ And, deep beneath the Ruins of Alph, lie secret rooms that have been unseen for ages. Can you unlock the code and solve the great mystery of the Unown?

Here are some of the great features Pokémon Crystal shares with the Gold and Silver versions:

ˇ Explore Johto, a giant, all-new world bristling with strange sights and exotic adventures
ˇ A real-time clock tracks your progress. Many events only take place on certain days or morning, day or night.
ˇ You can breed a male and female Pokémon to obtain an Egg, which hatches into all-new pre-evolved forms of Pokémon.
ˇ Two new types of Pokémon: Dark and Steel.
ˇ Pokémon can carry items that boost certain abilities or have healing properties.
ˇ You can trade Pokémon with Pokémon Gold or Silver. With some restrictions, you can also trade with Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow.
ˇ All-new PokéGear includes a radio tuner and cell phone. Your Mom, friendly Trainers and others will call you with tips and other helpful messages. You can call them, too.
ˇ Swap cool Mystery Gifts with friends via your infrared ports.
ˇ Print Pokédex selections with your Game Boy Printer (not included).
ˇ Transfer Pak compatible with Pokémon Stadium 2. (Not compatible with Pokémon Stadium.)

Be sure to visit the Pokémon Crystal site at http://www.pokemoncrystal.com for more information about this great new Pokémon adventure! While you're there, you can enter the Ruins of Alph Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to explore Mayan ruins in Mexico! (Sweepstakes ends Sept. 15, 2001.)

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