SheCycling Places to Visit

Women Who Ride and Women's Road Racing Teams

 Official Cycling Fan Club for Mari Holden
 Palmares of Elite Women Bicycle Racers
 Karen Kurreck
 Barbara Heeb, World Champion
 Linda Troyekens--the Beligian Cycling Nurse
 Rebecca Bishop--A British Cyclist and Athlete
 Erin Garvin's Ride Across the Continental Divide
 Sarabear's Hiking Shack and Bike Garage
 Brad Ander's FTP Archive of Journals from Karen Kurreck
 Serotta World Team
 Opstalen Team 1998
 Blue Dirt

Women's Clothing and Bike Manufacturers

 Terry Precision Cycling (makes the BEST chamois!)
 Aegis Cycles--a Maine business
 Lemond Bicycles--I _knew_ they were SheBikes! Elita, Saturn--You won't see _Trek_ bragging about supplying women's teams!
 Klein Bicycles: What JeSsIcA did last time
 Team Estrogen
 Psoas (frame intensive)
 Koulias Zaard

Specialty Cycling Sites

RAAM--Race Across America
 No Hill Too Tall! KOM Website
 American Track Racing Association
 Arizona Bicycle Racing Associatoin

Links I'm Not Worthy to List

 Genevieve Jeanson: Beyond Jeanne Longo, damn!
 Bike Ride Online's Official Bobby Julich Website
 Pete's Bikeindex (better link page than here!)
 Torelli--The model by which all marketeers should present their product
 A Patient's Guide to Knee Problems
 Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
 CyberCycle's GirlTalk forum for women cyclists
 Official Fabiana Luperini is the Climbing Goddess Fan Website
 Julie Hansen Kicks My Ass with One Leg on the Head Tube Website (or: Jessica is sorry sorry about that El Tour thing)

Industry Supports of the Women's Cycling Summit August 22-33, 1998

These companies actually understand that women cyclists exist, and we too spend money. Except Specialized. Their memory doesn't run longer than two years. But they deserve listing just the same.

 Specialized--the Title Sponsor (PS: their marketing department obviously was not there)
 Girls Love Dirt!
 Answer Products
 Yes, Shimano
 The PowerBar People
 Subaru--Standard Issue New England Car
 SRAM--the GripShift Gurus (Pigs in advertising alert!}

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